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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/18/10 1/22/10

Vivian was right.  She told Hope that she needs to get back at Carly for what she did to her.  Hope shouldn't take that.  She should go after Carly instead of letting her get away with being with Bo.

Melanie is self-centered beyond belief.  She assumed that Bo and Carly had to be talking about her when she interrupted their conversation.  They were talking about her, but she didn't know that.  She obviously thinks everyone thinks about her as much as she thinks about herself.

We were cheering Melanie on again this week.  She put Carly in her place about what she did to Hope.  She also yelled at her because she keeps getting in her business.  We don't feel sorry for Carly at all.  She just had to show up in Salem to find her daughter so she deserves to hear Melanie's vicious mouth when she sees her.

Sami will never learn to stop lying.  Rafe was understandably upset that she kept the truth about the ransom note from him.  She had the chance to tell him everything, but she listened to EJ and didn't say anything.

Since Philip is getting married in February, he has enough time to invite Austin to his wedding.  He didn't even mention whether Austin will be there.  He told Bo that Lucas is going to be his best man, but he didn't say anything about Austin.

Bo is possibly taking a risk letting people think that his marriage to Hope is over and that he's with Carly.  We understand that he wants to protect Carly and Melanie, but he may not be able to get Hope back this way.

Philip certainly put Carly in her place about going after Bo.  We know the real reason why she's there, but we are enjoying watching people go off on her.

Mia needs to make up her mind about who she really wants.  She acts like she wants to be with Will, but she doesn't want Chad to be with Gabi.  Mia didn't want Chad when he wanted to be with her, but she doesn't want him to move on with his life.

If Hope doesn't want to lead Justin on, why does she keep kissing him?  She should stop doing that because Justin will get the wrong idea.

It didn't take long for Sami to blame Rafe for why she doesn't have Sydney.  Did she forget that Rafe is the reason why she knows Sydney is her daughter?

Could Brady finally be developing a brain?  He finally decided that he didn't want to hold Nicole's hand anymore.

The more Carly shows concern for Melanie, the easier it will be for Vivian to figure out which one is her daughter.

It was nice to see Philip and Chloe talking to each other again.  It's a reminder that the writers missed the mark by not putting them back together.

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Page updated 6/7/12

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