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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/11/10 1/15/10

Brady needed to be told off for defending Nicole.  He actually has the nerve to continue to make excuses for defending Nicole.  We're glad Victor at least let him know that he was wrong to do it.

As die hard Bo and Hope fans, it was hard to watch him having sex with Carly while he's still married to Hope.  We shouldn't be that surprised that it happened since Hope continued to push him right into Carly's arms.

Speaking of Bo and Carly's affair, what was up with the background music playing while they were together?  There was romantic about them having an affair.

Leave it to Melanie to put her foot in her mouth when she showed up at Maggie's house.  She asked if someone died when she walked in the house.  We know she couldn't have known that Mickey died, but that was a stupid thing to say.

Brady's timing couldn't be better.  Now that Nicole is in prison he wants to be with Arianna.  It's time for Arianna to consider her relationship with Brady a loss.

We don't like how the writers tried to make Bo the bad guy by having him cheat on Hope for Carly.  Are we really expected to forget that Hope continued to push him away?  We don't think Bo should have jumped in bed with Carly, but Hope didn't help the situation by pushing Bo away all of the time.

It could be just us, but we are having a hard time buying the younger characters' reactions to Mickey's death.  We know that Mickey was never shown with Nathan, Melanie, Will, and Mia so their reactions were fake.

We're glad that Bo left Carly high and dry when Hope called him.  We hope that Carly didn't really think that Bo was going to just forget about Hope because he went to bed with her.

The under five that spoke to Bo had the worst timing in the world.  She had to talk to Bo about Carly and Hope realized that he had sex with Carly.  We wanted to pull her hair out when she walked up to Bo.  It looked as if Bo and Hope were on the verge of getting along when she showed up and ruined everything.

Didn't Carly have a lot of nerve showing up at Maggie's house after what she did to Hope?  To make things worse, she only showed up to see how her daughter was doing.  She didn't go there to see how Maggie was doing.  

Hope and Carly's scenes at Maggie's house were pretty good. They were both right about what Carly did.  Carly was right that Hope pushed Bo away because she did do that.  That didn't make it okay for Carly to jump in bed with Bo.  Hope didn't make Carly have sex with Bo so Carly should have come up with a better excuse for actions.

Leave it to Hope to make the gathering at Maggie's house her moment.  She obviously forgot that everyone was there because of what happened to Mickey and not because they wanted front row seats to her performance.

What right did Brady have to try and keep EJ from offering his condolences to Maggie?  Brady is not even Maggie's family so he didn't have the right to say anything.

Speaking of Brady, why is he so mad at EJ?  Brady was the one who turned on Sami and EJ by defending Nicole in court so EJ should be mad at him.

We can't wait to see what Stefano is going to do to EJ.  EJ has been showing his true colors for too long and it is time for Stefano to put him back in her place.

Sami probably started the fight with Rafe sot hat she can justify not telling him about the ransom note.  Picking a fight will not make you right for keeping the note from Rafe.

Wasn't that convenient how Mia and Melanie were suddenly talking about their mothers now that Carly revealed her daughter's name?  Since Melanie had a bad life with her father, we know that she is going to be upset with Carly.

Why is everyone so concerned about how Mia is dealing with Mickey's death?  Mickey was related to Will so she should have been comforting him.

We were cheering Melanie on when she told Carly off.  She put Carly in her place about what she did to Hope and how she murdered her husband.  It's not very often that we find ourselves cheering for Melanie, but we were on her side that time.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/7/12

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