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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/10/08 - 11/14/08

Why are Bo and Hope the only cops investigating Trent's murder?  What happened to the other cops?

We like the way Rafe is handling Sami.  He is not taking her mess and she just hates it.  Their scenes are funny.  It's too bad they don't last longer.

Why would Nicole think that Stefano would set her up for murder in order to take her baby?  Stefano did everything he could to make her feel at home.  Why would he turn around and frame her for murder?  There's no way Stefano would want his grandchild born in jail.

How did Nick know it was Melanie's birthday?  It's not likely that she would have told him since she didn't want to celebrate her birthday.

It didn't make sense for Nick to be Trent's killer.  Why would he be willing to let Caroline and Nicole take the fall for what he did?  This is out of character for Nick.  

Leave it to Chloe to make Kate's problems about her.  It's good that the writers remembered that she had cancer, but she didn't have to go on for so long about it.  She should have been more focused on Kate fighting to get better.

Why would Marlena suddenly go out of town when she knew that Sami was in danger?  You would think that she would have stayed in Salem with her grandchildren.

Maybe it's us, but we don't believe for one second that Chelsea wants to be there for Kate.  This is the same person who was ready to write her off, but now we're supposed to buy that she's concerned for Kate.

Chelsea had the nerve to say that Kate was pretty much all she had again.  Philip shouldn't have had to mention himself.  She keeps forgetting about the family she has that's been there for her.

Why did Marlena expect John to remember Brady when he hasn't remembered anything else?  There was nothing particularly special about Brady that would have made John remember him.

Who was Chelsea to be giving Lexie kid advice?  She is no expert on why kids act out with their parents.  She is no angel to be talking about the way kids behave.

Why would a doctor give Nick refills on his pills if they are so addictive?  Why not give him a little bit of pills so he wouldn't get addicted to them.

How was Brady clean for a year when Chloe hasn't been back in Salem for a year?

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Page updated 6/25/12

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