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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/27/08 - 10/31/08

Sami forgot about Will when she was saying she may never see Allie again when she's in witness protection.  She was so worried about not seeing Allie graduate, she may never see Will graduate either.

Why was Nicole showing so much?  She wasn't showing that much last week, but now she's showing.  If she were showing that much, Sami didn't need to lift her shirt up in order to tell if she's pregnant.

What was to keep the killer from going after Sami when she went with the police to witness protection?  He followed her to the Horton cabin so he would have followed her to witness protection.

Who did Chelsea think she was judging Melanie for murdering Trent when she murdered Zack?  She was also in no position to tell her she was a liar and a manipulator when she is the same way.  It's too bad Melanie let Chelsea walk off with the last word.  We wanted Melanie to rip into Chelsea about her hypocrisy.

What made Melanie think she would have been able to sneak out of the pub without Bo and Hope finding out?  She would have been better off leaving the night before instead of leaving during the day.

Why was Chelsea upset that Daniel couldn't tell her about Kate's medical problems?  She should know that he couldn't tell her about Kate's illness.

Chelsea forgot all about the rest of her family when she told Daniel that Kate was all she had.  They have been there for her too.  Kate wasn't the only one who has been there.  She just needed one more thing to whine about.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Chloe had cancer.  This was the perfect time for the writers to remember that she survived cancer.

If Melanie thinks that the Bradys are stupid, why was she staying with Caroline?  She could have stayed at a motel.  Guess the Bradys weren't stupid when she was given a place to stay.  It's too bad Caroline didn't hear what she said.  She might have thrown her out if she did.

Why are the cops so hard on Sami as if she was the one who killed the mayor?  You would never know that she was a witness to murder.

Why are the cops forgetting about who killed the mayor?  They are so worried about who killed Trent that they forget all about the mayor.  Since he was in office, you would think that his murder would be top priority.

Why would Sami want Hilda to be asleep on the job?  We know she was sick of hearing her talk about her life, but she needed her awake if the killer showed up. 

Why would Stephanie confide in Philip about her problems with Max?  Why wouldn't she got to Steve or Kayla?  They might have understood her problems better than he would.

It was too bad Rafe was the one who showed up at the safe house instead of the killer.  IT would have served Sami right after what she did to Hilda.

Stephanie must love playing the blame game because it wasn't Melanie's fault that she lost Max.  Opening her mouth to Bo and Hope is why she lost him.  All she had to do was keep the secret an they would still be together.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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