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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/20/08 - 10/24/08

No offense to the actress, but Melanie is always looking like she's sleepy or drunk.  When she's shown.  We would be willing to overlook it, but it's very distracting.

It was nice to finally see Bo and Hope on screen together again.  It seems as if it's been a while since they have been together.

Why did it matter if Melanie killed Trent or not?  He would be better off not knowing what happened since he would end up being an accomplice.

Melanie should have known that Max would have wanted to go to Bo and Hope with info that could free Caroline.  Caroline is his mother and he barely knows Melanie.

It was not Max's fault that Melanie could have killed Trent.  He didn't make her go to him on the night Trent died.  He also didn't make her fight with him.  If Melanie is looking for someone to blame, she needs to blame herself.

We could practically see the irony flag waving when Sami was calling Nicole out for being a manipulator and judging the things she's done in the past.  Sami was no one to say anything to Nicole about her past.  The last time we checked, Sami was practically public enemy number one in Salem.

Obviously Stephanie is not someone Max can trust with a secret.  She couldn't wait to tell Bo and Hope that Melanie confessed to possibly killing Trent.  After she practically forced it out of him, she went and told it anyway.

Chelsea couldn't wait to use Nick again when she saw Daniel at the Java Cafe.  She wouldn't give Nick a second thought if she weren't trying to make Daniel jealous.  What's worse was Nick fell for it.

Stefano was so right to yell at Lexie for being so ungrateful.  He did what she wanted and it still wasn't good enough for her. She still accused of murdering Marino.  No wonder he flipped out on her.  He was a little too willing to forgive her for her behavior.

Stephanie should have known that Max was going to dump her when he kept telling her that he didn't like what she did to Melanie.  It should have been obvious what was coming next.

Daniel must be a quack.  He just checked Nicole out and said the baby was fine, yet when she got home, she was in pain again.

John referred to Sami as Marlena's daughter when he thought Stefano endangered her life.  Sami is related to him too. She's not just Marlena's daughter.

Why didn't Marlena offer Sami a place to stay when Sami wanted to be out of the mansion?  Sami could have been with her instead of at the Horton cabin.

We noticed how Philip forgot all about what Daniel did to Chelsea when he was giving Daniel the business about being with Kate.  Even he knows that Daniel and Kate didn't do anything to Chelsea.

Why is Nicole picking out baby names for her baby?  It's not even here yet and she's ready to pick out names for the baby.

Why was Max so upset that Melanie was a suspect in Trent's murder?  He didn't get that upset that Caroline was arrested.

Melanie had no reason to be upset that Trent tried to pimp her out when she was willing to use her body to keep Philip from selling her out.  She was no different from Trent.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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