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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/13/08 - 10/17/08

Wasn't it something how Max was willing to think things when he saw Trent's wallet in Stephanie's bag?  He liked how she stood by him, but he couldn't stand by her.

Why was Max defending Melanie again?  It wasn't that long ago when he was ready to write her off when she accused him of murdering Trent.

Why can't anyone tell that Sami is pregnant if Nicole is showing?  Sami should be farther along than Nicole so it should be obvious that she's pregnant.

We liked how John stood up to Marlena.  He should be sick of her constantly judging the way he is.  Apparently he can never do anything right in her eyes.

The writers re-wrote Nicole's need for children.  She never wanted kids before yet now she's always wanted to be a mother.  Even when she found out she couldn't have kids, she was happy.  Now that she's having EJ's baby she wants to be a mother.

Kate finally stood up to Chelsea.  She reminded her of being forgiven of the things she did.  She told Chelsea how people make mistakes.  Chelsea of all people should know that people make mistakes.  She has made enough of them over the years.

Why was Max so sure that Melanie didn't kill Trent when he thought she did a little while ago?

Leave it to EJ to assume that Nicole's child wasn't his.  We bet when he finds out that Sami's pregnant, he won't assume that her baby isn't his.  EJ knows that Nicole was interested in him so who else would be the father?

Why would Max be so upset that Melanie got arrested for Trent's murder?  At least Caroline would be off the hook for the murder.  It should be more important to get Caroline out of trouble than Melanie since he barely knows Melanie.

Lacey shouldn't have been surprised that Abe and Lexie would have wanted to fine her after what happened to Theo.  Lexie was screaming her head off at her when Theo was missing.  Did Lacey really expect to keep her job?  Then on the flipside, Lexie should have given her another chance, she might not have humiliated them at Abe's press conference.

Lexie was no one to judge Lacey for not watching Theo.  When she was talking to Chelsea at the park, she turned her back on him. Chelsea wasn't watching him either.  She was looking at Lexie while they were talking.

Why would Kate and Daniel have sex outside of Victor's house?  Anyone could have seen them having sex.

We weren't surprised that Lucas was getting frustrated with Sami.  Her pregnancy is not his problem so why should he care if she doesn't tell EJ the truth?  Also, she shouldn't have expected Lucas to want to claim her baby as his. He didn't force her to have sex with EJ.

Why would Chloe go to Marlena about Lucas cheating on her?  Seeing as she thinks he's cheating with Sami, should she have really gone to Marlena for advice?

Why did EJ invite Nicole to stay at the DiMera mansion?  He is practically on the verge of getting kicked out.  Also, it is not his mansion to be inviting people to stay there.

Who did Lexie think she was practically ordering Stefano to help with the mayor?  He didn't have to do anything for Theo since she wrote him off.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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