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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/6/08 - 10/10/08

Who did Chelsea think she was judging Philip for what he did to Morgan?  After what she did to Nick, she was no one to judge him. Also, she hasn't said one word to or about Morgan in who knows how long, yet we're suppose to believe that she cares about her.

Lucas told Sami that she was showing.  When did that happen?  It was only one day since she found out she was pregnant and she wasn't showing then.  She even said that she only gained a couple of pounds, yet now she's suddenly showing.

It was hard to believe that Chelsea suddenly cared that something was wrong with Kate.  She knew that she was sick before, but she was a witch to her.  Now that Philip has told her what was wrong.  She wants to be with her.

Melanie is such a hypocrite.  She thought it was okay that she accused Max of murdering Trent, but it was wrong for Max to accuse her.  Just because she was willing to protect him that doesn't change the fact that she accused him of murder.

Why was Caroline home from jail?  Last week she was told that her bail was denied, yet she was home.

What is the point of Marlena fighting her feelings for John?  She always melts like butter when he kisses her so she may as well accept it.

Why was Allie in daycare, but Johnny wasn't? You would think that they would both be in daycare since they are twins.  Also, we didn't realize that they were old enough to go to daycare.

What made Nicole think EJ would just forget about Sami just because she's having his baby?  Sami has his baby and they are going to have to see each other.

Sami re-wrote history with her relationship with Lucas.  Finding out that Johnny was EJ's son was not the reason why they broke up.  Sami marrying EJ is why they broke up.  She was determined to marry him even though Lucas begged her not to do it.

John was willing to go to the doctor for Nicole, but he couldn't go when Marlena wanted him to go. He really showed how much he cares about her, didn't he?

Why was it Trent's fault that Melanie did her Internet video?  He didn't make her pimp herself so it's not his fault.  The writers will do anything to blame Trent for everything.

Was there some reason why the powers that be used an old photo of Caroline on the cover of the newspaper?  It's hard to believe that she hasn't taken a current picture.

Bo messed up.  He said Nick is practically family when Roman thought he could be a suspect in Trent's murder.  Hello?! Nick is his family since he's Hope's cousin.

Why would Melanie put Trent's wallet in Stephanie's bag?  It would have made more sense to just get rid of it.  She might have been better off keeping it since no one else know she had the wallet.

Chelsea had some nerve judging Nick for driving drunk.  When she killed Zack while she was sober.

Why wouldn't Lacey make sure Theo was in her sight before she got on the phone.  He wouldn't have been able to run off if she were watching him.

Who was EJ to give John relationship advice?  He hasn't been able to get Sami so he was no one to give John advice.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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