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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

9/29/08 - 10/3/08

Why didn't Daniel see the tumor in Kate when she was in the hospital a few months ago?  He should have been known that she had something wrong with her.

When did Chloe and Lucas move in together?  They weren't together long enough to move in together.  What happened to her apartment?

That must have been really tough for Bo to have to arrest his own mother for murder.  If he was going to protect anyone, it would most likely be her.

Is Daniel the only doctor in Salem?  Why did he have to take care of Nicole and Kate?  Guess Kayla and Lexie had the night off.

It shouldn't have surprised Max that Stephanie would have thought he killed Trent.  As much as he kept threatening Trent, of course she would think that he was guilty.

Why is Steve helping the police find out if Caroline's innocent?  He is not a cop so he had no business helping them.

Why did Chelsea need to know what happened to Caroline as if it only affected her?  She got mad when Hope told her when Caroline was arrested as if she could do anything if she knew.

How was Sami's education good when she's a high school dropout.  When Sami and EJ were looking at her resume, he said that her education was good.  The last time we checked, she dropped out of school.

Thumbs up to the writers for showing a flashback of when Nicole was told that she couldn't have kids.  We thought the writers were going to re-write the story.

There seemed to be a glimmer of hope for Lucas and Sami when he found her passed out.  When he was trying to wake her up, he was worried about her.  At least it has a sign that he still cares about her.

We liked the way Victor wanted to help Caroline out of jail.  He doesn't care what anyone said, he wanted to help her anyway.

Why was it so hard to believe that Melanie could kill Trent, but she could believe Max would do it?  She thought that a daughter couldn't kill her father, but she thought a son could.  She barely knows Melanie, but she thought she was innocent and Max was guilty.

Why wouldn't Kimberly or Frankie come back to Salem?  Kimberly knows that Caroline's been arrested and all she could do was send her love?  What good is that going to do Caroline?  Kimberly's love is not going to get her out of jail.  Also, Frankie is a lawyer who could have helped Caroline.

Why do the writers expect us to care what Trent did to Melanie?  Melanie is too new of a character for us to care that he pimped her out.  The writers can have the character be appalled all they want to and we still wouldn't care what he did to her.

Why was Kayla so surprised that Melanie would accuse Max of murdering Trent?  She thought that Max could have done it too when she was talking to Steve about the suspects.

Nicole had no reason to be upset that EJ went to Sami.  If she wanted to tell EJ about the baby, she should have told him.  She didn't have to give it a buildup first.

If Sami didn't want anything to do with EJ, why did she care that he was having dinner with Nicole.  She obviously cares more than she's letting on.

Sami is as bad as Nicole.  She didn't want to tell EJ that she's pregnant because she's jealous of his relationship with Nicole.  Sami and Nicole must think that they can keep the secret forever.  He's going to eventually find out that they are pregnant and they will expect him to understand why they kept it a secret.

Why did EJ expect Stefano to care how Sami was treating him?  He was the one who wanted nothing to do with Stefano, yet he couldn't wait to turn Stefano into his psychiatrist.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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