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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

9/22/08 - 9/26/08

It's a little too late for Melanie to hate Trent.  He was the best thing since chocolate cake when she was first introduced, but now that he tried to pimp her out, she suddenly hates him.

Chelsea looked as if she was jealous when she saw Nick comforting Melanie.  Since she was the one who dumped Nick, she had no business getting jealous that Nick was with Melanie.

Stephanie acts as if she's the only one who cares about Max.  The rest of the Bradys cared that he went off on Trent.  It wasn't just her.

Stephanie actually made sense when she told Chelsea about being jealous of Nick and Melanie.  She even said how Chelsea did break up with Nick so she didn't have a say in who Nick is with now.  It doesn't sit well with us that she agreed with us. LOL!

Nicole must have been smoking something if she thought that Victor would let her keep his money.  Once he found out that they weren't really married, she should have known he would want his money back.

Lexie was crazy not to take Stefano up on his offer to help Theo.  She may have thought that he had an agenda, but at least Theo would have gotten the help that he needs.  She was too buys standing on false pride to give in to his request.

How convenient was it that everyone was suddenly ready to kill Trent now that he's about to die?  Max was the only one who wanted to kill him, but now almost everyone has threatened to kill him.

Why was Allie at the DiMera mansion?  Lucas was given an extension with his visitation, yet she was at the mansion with Stefano.

What made John think Stefano would just walk away from the DiMera empire?  There was no way Stefano was walking away from his legacy the same way he won't walk away.

Why did Bo and Roman practically force Hope to take Bo's old job when they didn't want it?  The job wasn't good enough for them, but it was perfect for her?  That doesn't sound right.

How was it Trent's fault that Nicole lost her settlement money?  Trent didn't make Bo and Hope investigate his past so he doesn't owe her any money.

If Hope's reason for not taking the commissioner job was because she wants to spend more time with Ciara, we don't buy it.  Hope is rarely with Ciara so that couldn't be why she didn't want to take the job.  That was just an excuse that the writers had to come up with that they thought was legitimate.

What made Marlena think that she could convince Stefano to help John restore his memory?  After what she did to him, she had a lot of nerve to expect him to help her.  If he needed her help against John, she wouldn't help him so why would he help her?

Chloe made a big mistake not babysitting Allie the way she said she would.  She left Allie with a babysitter so she could be with Lucas.  She was probably the one who wanted to watch her, yet she shipped her off with a babysitter.

Why was Roman so mad that Hope didn't take Abe's job?  If he didn't want one of Stefano's minions to have the job, he should have taken it himself.

Why did Chelsea expect Nick to care that Daniel cheated on her for Kate?  She's lucky that he didn't gloat about it after what she did to him.

We loved how Nick stood up to Chelsea when she tried to judge his relationship with Melanie.  Chelsea just knew that Nick was going to cave and do what she wanted when she wanted.

Nicole and EJ must love being in the pub.  One or both of them are always in there more than once.  When Nicole wanted to talk to EJ about Victor knowing her secret, she met him at the pub.  They could have met somewhere else.

Chelsea makes it hard to feel sorry for her that Daniel and Kate slept together.  Her attitude about it makes it easier to feel sorry for them.  She can say that she's the victim all she wants, but our sympathy is with Daniel and Kate.  We know that in Chelsea's eyes they betrayed her, but how much longer is she going to punish them?  We got how she's not going to forgive them, but do we have to keep being reminded that she's not going to forgive them.

Kate was being so manipulative with her cough. She went a long time without coughing, but when Chelsea was giving her a hard time about Daniel, she suddenly had to cough.  She certainly has good timing when it concerns that cough.

Why in the world would Caroline touch the knife that was in Trent's back?  She should know that you are not supposed to touch a murder weapon.  What was even worse was she took the bloody knife out of his back.  No wonder she's going to be accused of murder.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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