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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

9/15/08 - 9/19/08

Why did we have to endure the film noir scenes again?  It was bad enough that we had to see them the first time around.  What was the point of airing it again?

Nicole was on the money when she told EJ about everyone protecting Sami. Every time you turn around, someone's ready to clean up Sami's mess.

Sami was no one to judge Lucas and Chloe for leaving Allie alone when she's never with her kids.  She always leaves her kids with Maggie or Rolf so she was no one to talk.

Marlena suddenly realized that Sami has gotten away with too much over the years.  It's about time, but why the sudden change? It just came out of the blue for Marlena to warn Roman about enabling Sami's behavior.

It's obvious that EJ doesn't spend much time with Theo or he would know about Theo's outbursts.  You would think that he would try to spend time with him.  The same thing goes for Lexie.  She could spend time with Johnny too.  Lexie and EJ could have had their sons play together.

Where does Sami get her fancy clothes when she doesn't have any money?  When Stefano had his get together, she had on a fancy looking dress.

We were surprised that Sami was willing to defend Marlena to Stefano.  Considering Marlena ripped her a new one at the police station, you would think that Sami wouldn't care what Stefano did to Marlena.  That just shows that Sami will have her family's back no matter how much they turn their backs on her.

We are looking forward to what Stefano is going to do to EJ and Tony.  When they found out that Marlena paralyzed him, they didn't care.  They thought he deserved it.  That was the last straw for Stefano. He vowed to get his revenge against them.

It was good that Marlena apologized to Sami for the way she treated her at the police station.  We have a feeling that she only apologized because Sami defended her to Stefano.  We doubt that she would have said anything if Sami kept quiet.

Why is Philip so chummy with Nicole considering what she did to Victor?  The last thing he should be doing is hanging around her.  He is already skating on thin ice with Victor as it is.

Why would Abe quit the force when there was a possibility of Lexie getting fired?  He just told her that he was capable of supporting the family.  How was he going to do that if he quit?

Why does Trent bother going to the pub?  It seems like someone is always attacking him lately.  He would be better off going somewhere else.

Lexie had some nerve getting mad at Abe for quitting the force when she all but quit the hospital.  If she was worried about the money they were going to need, she shouldn't have left her position as chief of staff.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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