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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

8/25/08 - 8/29/08

Where did Nick get money to go to France?  If he had that much money lying around, why would he blow it on a trip to France?

Who did EJ think he was telling Lucas that he shouldn't take a daughter away from her mother?  Did he forget that it wasn't that long ago when he wanted to take a son from his mother?  We guess it's okay for EJ to take custody of his son, but Lucas is a monster for wanting to take his daughter.

We don't see how Lucas would have a chance at getting sole custody of Allie.  He was just released from prison.  What judge will grant him custody of Allie?

It's hard to believe that Stephanie would rather stay in jail than have Bo and Roman pull strings to get her and Max out of jail.  For some reason, she would rather her parents find out through her that she was in jail.  She could have told her parents when she got out of jail.  That didn't make any sense whatsoever.

Why would Max defend Melanie after she left him in jail?  She wasn't even worried about how Max would get out of jail, yet he wanted to stick up for her.

Melanie was right when she put Stephanie in her place for why she's in jail.  As Melanie reminded her Stephanie wouldn't be in jail if she didn't mouth off at the prison guard.  Melanie didn't make her get smart with the guard, so Stephanie couldn't put that on Melanie.

How many times was Kate going to ask Daniel not to tell Chelsea bout their relationship?  He told her over and over that he wouldn't say anything, but she just had to keep pushing him to make sure he kept quiet.  No wonder he ended up snapping at her.

We really didn't expect Caroline to rip into Victor for allowing Bo to cover up evidence that Philip was involved with Paul.  At first we thought she was being hard on him, but then we realized that she was right about what he did.  He would have rather Bo have risked his career instead of Philip going to jail.

We were happy that Bo was smart enough to keep a copy of Paul's tape.  We were afraid that Bo was going to go down for helping Philip.

We were surprised that Chelsea yelled at Philip for allowing Bo to take the fall for him.  Considering what she has done, that meant something that she didn't approve of what he did.  She hit a nerve with Philip when she told him that he would do anything he wants no matter who he hurt.  She was right.  He didn't care that Bo could lose his job in order to protect him.  Chelsea did come off hypocritical when she told him about himself, but when you're right, you're right.

Morgan needs to decide whether or not she's going to use a southern accent.  One minute she'll have it and the next it's gone.

It would have been Kate's own fault if Chelsea figured out what was going on between her and Daniel sooner. Every time you turn around, Kate's around him.  Even Chelsea could put two and two together and think something was going on between them.

We are probably alone here, but we didn't feel sorry for Chelsea when she found out about Daniel and Kate's relationship.  After what she did to break up Bo and Hope, she deserves to lose any guy she wants to be with.  You can say that all is not forgiven with Chelsea.  She has not done enough for us to get over what she did to Bo and Hope.

When did Steve do freelance private detective work?  He hasn't said one word about being a private detective.  Why didn't he become a cop?

Instead of complaining, Stephanie should have been grateful that Melanie's friend bailed her and Max out of jail.  We know she didn't like the fact that Melanie's friend wanted to go out with him, but at least they were out of jail.

Marlena must be a quick healer.  To look at her you would never know that she was almost paralyzed.

When did Tony become interested in Stefano's money?  He didn't want anything to do with Stefano or his money, but now he's willing to work with EJ to keep John from getting his inheritance.  Something smells fishy.

It was hard to believe that Lexie didn't think that Marlena could have been in her office when Marlena was missing.  Where else would she have been if she wasn't in her room?

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Page updated 6/25/12

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