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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

8/18/08 - 8/22/08

Why was Nicole surprised that EJ was in love with Sami?  He has never hidden the fact that he loves Sami so she shouldn't have been surprised that he would want to be with her.

What was the point of Nicole's fantasy film noir?  We know that the writers wanted to take a break with the show because of the Olympics, but they could have shown actual stories.  It was a waste of time.

In Nicole's fantasy, Chloe was supposed to be blind as a bat.  If that were true, how was she able to get to and from places?  that should have been a neat trick considering she couldn't see.

Why in the world did Nicole's fantasy have to last for two days?  One day was more than enough.  We didn't need to see more of it.

We wonder why the writers didn't cast Deidre Hall's twin in the role of Sam?  From what we heard about the character, Deidre's twin played the role.  Deidre wasn't playing a dual role.

How was John able to hallucinate seeing Stefano as a kid and Santo when he never saw them?

Speaking of Santo, he could have stayed gone.  We didn't miss him.  We were surprised that he didn't hallucinate seeing Colleen.

The writers shouldn't have shown the flashback of Sam drugging Marlena.  The only thing the flashback did was show how much Marlena and Sam didn't look as much alike as they do now.  In the flashback, Sam's voice was noticeably different from how it sounds now.

Why would Stefano have plans for Joe?  Joe isn't a DiMera so why is he going to be useful to him?  is it just to get back at the Bradys or could it be something else?

It was good to see the old John back.  We like new John, but it was good to see John back.

What were the odds that there would be a camera in the basement of the hospital?  It was so obvious that it was just a way for Nicole to see EJ and Sami kissing.

Why is it that whenever people are in danger, Chloe always acts as if she's worse off than everybody else?

When she and Lucas woke up, she had to complain about not being able to breathe.  It's always something with her.

How convenient was it that Stefano had footage of Sami and EJ kissing?  How did Stefano know that they would have been kissing?  If we didn't know any better, we would have assumed that EJ set it up for Stefano to keep Sami and Lucas apart.

We were surprised by Lucas' reaction to seeing Sami and EJ together.  We thought that he would be more upset than he was.  Guess we should start to throw in the towel on Lucas and Sami getting back together since he was glad that Sami and EJ are together.

We have a feeling that Stefano switched Joe with another baby.  It was just a little too neat that the baby was easy to find.  When Rolf had him, Stefano could have made him switch the baby.

It was weird to finally see Lexie and Sami actually being civil to each other.  We were used to them not getting along.  Sami actually thanked Lexie for what she did for Marlena.

Sami had a lot of nerve telling John about leading Marlena on when she thought he was hung up on Ava.  After what she did to EJ and Lucas, she was no one to criticize John.

Sami has a funny way of proving that her kids are important to her.  Well the twins are important, but Will obviously isn't.  She barely mentions him anymore.  Just because he's not on the show that doesn't mean she should forget about him.

We're on the fence about Nicole and Chloe being friends.  After what they've been through in the past, it's hard to see them as friends.  On the other hand, they both need a friend to talk to so maybe they could actually be there for each other.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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