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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

8/11/08 - 8/15/08

Anna couldn't wait to tell John that Stefano is alive.  Did she go out of her way to look for him to tell him?

Could there be a sign of hope for John and Marlena fans?  John seemed like he was worried about Marlena when Anna told him about Stefano being alive.

What did Sami think she was going to do to Stefano when she charged in his hospital room?  He didn't seem the least bit afraid of her when she stormed in his room and demanded to know what happened to her mother.

We may be alone, but we are glad that Stefano plans on getting revenge against Marlena.  She shouldn't have got away with what she did to him.

Didn't Sami have a lot of nerve expecting EJ to understand why Marlena injected Stefano?  There is no way that Sami will understand why Stefano got his revenge on Marlena. Marlena hurt him too, but Sami was trying to make excuses for her.

Isn't it something how everyone who loves Marlena is choosing to make excuses for what she did to Stefano?  Marlena is supposed to be a doctor so she shouldn't have tried to kill him.

Why would EJ want to go after John?  John was willing to let him stay at the mansion with him when Sami wanted him to leave.  Talk about being an ingrate.

Tony should have told the police that Stefano is awake if he feels that guilty about what happened.

Chloe is always involved whenever other people are in danger of dying. Is it possible that there's a connection?  Maybe it's because of her. LOL!

Marlena is getting what she deserves now that Stefano wants to make her suffer the same way he did because of her.  He went to her room and let her know that she will suffer the same way he did.

It was amazing how no one saw Stefano sneak into Marlena's room.  He wasn't even hiding when he walked into her room.

Marlena chose to apologize to Stefano for what she did.  It was a little too late for that.  She is only sorry now that she is going through the same thing he did.

We don't like the idea that the writers seem to be putting EJ and Sami back together.

Did it really do John any good to hit the speaker at the hospital?  He threatened to kill Stefano and then hit the speaker.  That was not the same thing as killing Stefano so why bother?

Wasn't that convenient that the camera in the hospital basement was the first one to come on?  That was how Nicole saw EJ and Sami kissing each other.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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