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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

7/21/08 - 7/25/08

Which side is John on?  Last week John told EJ that he was only thinking of himself when he gave Sami the court order.  This week John was defending EJ to Sami.

Why would Maggie go to Steve and Kayla's place?  We know that she is a family friend, but it seemed weird that Maggie was there and Kayla's siblings weren't.

Since Kayla is a doctor, why was she so worried about taking care of Joe?  She could have helped him if something happened to him.

With all of the money that Ava has, why was she having so much trouble finding somewhere to stay?  She could have stayed with Nicole until her trial.

Sami got what she deserved when Kayla was upset with her for showing Ava her apartment.  If Sami weren't only thinking of Marlena's feelings, then she would have realized that she shouldn't have shown Ava the apartment.

Kayla and Steve finally talked about what happened when she saw him in bed with Ava.  it's about time because that happened months ago.

Was it really wise for Chelsea to get a job working with kids?  She is a child killer so you would think she wouldn't be allowed to work with them.

We thought i was really cute to see Bo playing with Ciara.  They are so cute together.  It's too bad that we don't get to see them together more often.

Didn't it seem like Abe was more worried about what it would cost to get Theo therapy than he did about him getting help?

Since Lexie is a doctor she should be able to afford the therapy that Theo will need.

Wasn't Stephanie being a hypocrite?  She didn't like it when Max lied to her, but she had no problem lying to him.  She could have told him that a stranger approached her on the train.

Why do the writers expect us to care that Morgan may have lost her father?  She is too new for us to care about what happens to her family.

Was anyone else ready to reach for a garbage can or the remote control when Daniel and Chelsea were on the roof?  They were really disgusting together.

EJ is so judgmental considering he is a criminal who got away with his crimes. He needs to get off his high horse because he is no better than anyone in Salem.

If John is innocent, why did he have to bribe the judge?  That doesn't exactly scream innocent, does it?

Didn't Ava have a lot of nerve asking Steve to testify on her behalf?  Isn't Steve in enough trouble with Kayla?

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Page updated 6/14/12

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