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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

7/7/08 - 7/11/08

Why did Chelsea have to flaunt her relationship with Daniel in everyone's faces?  She didn't have to kiss him at Bo and Hope's picnic.  We can't wait for him to dump her.

We really didn't like seeing Lucas and Chloe kissing each other in the elevator.  We don't want to see them get together.

Didn't it seem like Lucas was practically begging Chloe to hook up with him?  He practically blamed Philip's actions with Morgan as a reason for Chloe to hook up with him.

Now that EJ and Nicole have had sex, maybe the writers will take him out of Lumi's storyline.

Leave it to Kate to faint at Bo and Hope's cookout.  Talk about stealing their thunder.

Did you all notice the look on Chelsea's face when Bo told Abe and Lexie how Kate fainted because of seeing her kiss Daniel?  Chelsea deserved to feel guilty about it.

We hope that Lucas was only making an empty threat when he told Chloe that he was done with Sami for good.  We would hate to think that we wasted our time investing in Lumi as a couple all of these years.

Wasn't it about time that Will was mentioned?  Lucas actually mentioned him when he told Chloe how he and Sami had kids together.

Did Sami have something against going to Bo's house?  Whenever she was told that she could go to his house she made an excuse to get out of it.

Lucas only has himself to blame for getting in the mess he was in with the cops.  He didn't have to sneak out of the mansion to see Chloe.

Why is Max so obsessed with finding Trent's daughter if he doesn't want to have anything to do with Trent?

Why would Steve talk to EJ after everything that he's done to him?  EJ was the reason why Steve was in the mental institution.

Isn't that convenient how Trent wanted Nicole to break up with EJ?  The writers did anything they could to give EJ a chance to be with Sami.

Does anyone else think that Chloe only told Philip that she had sex with Lucas because she wanted to hurt him?  We're sure she knew how Philip would have reacted when he found out what happened between her and Lucas.

Have you all noticed that there have been a lot of flashbacks on the show lately?

Why would Stephanie push Caroline into dating Victor when she lost Shawn this year?

Are the writers trying to get rid of Victor? Is that why he had another stroke?  It doesn't look good for him if he has had another stroke.

The last thing Chloe needed was to make one more enemy.  She couldn't wait to let Kate know that she won't be rid of her yet.  Kate will never stop interfering in her relationship with Lucas.

Chloe was really making Lucas' arrest her moment.  She kept telling her mother that he was arrested because of her.  It was really getting on our nerves.

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Page updated 6/14/12

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