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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

6/2/08 - 6/6/08

Isn't it good to finally see Philip in a possible triangle where two women are interested in him?  He could be in a potential triangle with Chloe and Morgan.  It would be a nice change considering he had to fight Shawn over Belle and Brady over Chloe.

We are not the least bit surprised that EJ is still a schemer.  He plans on letting Sami think that their annulment was null and void when he knows that they are not married anymore.

We loved seeing Bo and Hope being romantic with each other.  They are so cute together.  We really do hope to see more of their scenes like that.

Lucas and Sami were also cute together when he was trying to get Johnny to stop crying. It was as if nothing happened between them.

The last thing that EJ should have done was tell Nicole about how he plans on keeping Sami.  She will hopefully end up telling Sami what he did.

Why did Maggie have to tell Sami how EJ was with Nicole at Tuscanny?  She could have told Lexie how he was drunk since she was at Tuscanny earlier.  She didn't have to call Sami.

Why are Bo and Hope being reduced to being involved in an environment storyline?  They are more than capable of handling a better storyline than that.

When is Caroline going to help Kayla and Steve deal with what's going on with Joe?  She should know by now that Kayla had the baby.

Wasn't that convenient how Eric was in a car accident?  It was a convenient way to get rid of Marlena while she is on vacation.

Speaking of Eric's accident, why didn't Sami go see him to make sure he was okay?  It's hard to believe that she wouldn't want to visit him.

It's about time that Caroline thought about Shawn.  You could easily forget that he died recently.

Does anyone else think that the writers might be putting Lexie and Daniel together?  We wouldn't mind seeing them get together as long as he is away from Chelsea.

Didn't EJ have a nerve having a problem with Lucas taking care of the twins?  EJ is just as bad an influence as he thinks Lucas is.

Why did Lucas leave Allie alone in the living room with a door open?  It was inevitable that she was going to sneak out when he answered his phone.

Did anyone else want to see John beat Max down?  Max would have deserved it since he had such an attitude problem.

Didn't EJ have a lot of nerve yelling at Lucas over what happened with Allie as if she's his daughter?

Why is Stephanie making such a big deal about max being a math genius?  She should be glad that he knows something.

What made Nicole think that EJ would let her tell Lucas what he did?  He was going to stop her.

Didn't Chelsea have a nerve to expect Nick to want to be her friend after what she did to him?  She had no right to expect him to want to stay friends with her.

We were so happy when Nick didn't want to be friends with Chelsea.  She deserved it after she broke his heart.

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Page updated 6/14/12

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