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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/19/08 - 5/23/08

Isn't it funny how Stephanie and Max can show up at the hospital now that Kayla is in there again, but they were hardly around while Bo and Chelsea were there?

If Sami really does love Lucas the way we thought, why was she flashing back to kissing EJ?  That's right.  She doesn't care about Lucas the way we thought.

Now that Lucas is finally back, we can suddenly see Mickey and Maggie visiting him.  They didn't think about him when they were singing EJ's praises.

It's really hard for us to believe that Daniel is so hung up on Chelsea that he wouldn't consider staying at the hospital.

Isn't it convenient how Lucas was the one to push Sami and Allie away so that he will be the one responsible for why she moved on with EJ?

The writers are really going overboard trying to get the fans (especially Lumi fans) to forget what EJ did to Sami.  It won't work for us.  Just because Sami and EJ want to put it behind them that doesn't mean that he will stop being rapist.

Can you believe we actually saw Abe and Lexie somewhere other than the police station and the hospital?  It's been a long time since they've been shown at home.

Sami was so tacky to have sex with EJ with Lucas' picture on the table.  She could have turned it around or something.

Didn't Chelsea have a nerve acting as if Amber (the new doctor) was wrong for coming on to Daniel as if she wasn't doing the same thing?

Why did Anna expect Roman to care that she was having problems with Tony?  She dumped him to be with Tony so he won't care about her problems with him.

Kate was so wrapped up with her work with Tony she didn't even know that Lucas was out of prison.

Was anyone the least bit surprised that Sami was going to care more about Lucas being released than she was about him catching her with EJ?  We had a feeling she wasn't going to worry about being with EJ.

Sami couldn't wait to throw up in Lucas' face how he told her to move on with her life.  She didn't want to listen to him when he told her not to marry EJ so she didn't have to listen to that either.

How much time went by that Ciara has aged so much?  She looks like she's a toddler now when she was still a baby not too long ago.

We enjoyed the scenes that Bo and Hope had at the pub.  It's too bad that we don't get to see them very often.

Since Kayla keeps having bad dreams about her baby, maybe she should consider staying awake for a while.

Did you notice the way Marlena reacted when she talked to Sami about being with EJ?  She seemed like she was blaming her for what happened.  She didn't do that when Belle cheated on Shawn.

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Page updated 6/14/12

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