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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/12/08 - 5/16/08

We are not buying that Sami was shocked by the idea of kissing EJ.  She knew exactly what she was doing so why was she shocked?  Lucas has been a distant memory to her so he was not the reason why she felt she shouldn't kiss EJ.

How did Philip know to have the disk taken from the DiMera mansion?  It was convenient how he knew that there was a disk in the first place.

We are glad that Daniel didn't rush to be with Chelsea.  After what she did to Nick, she deserves to have to fight in order to get Daniel.  Nick is not our favorite character, but Chelsea treated him like dirt.

We are finding it hard to believe that Brady wanted to divorce Chloe.  We have a feeling that she chose to leave him because she's interested in Philip.  She is probably making Brady the heavy so she can look like the good one.

We wonder why the writers are trying to make Ava seem like she's a good person.  It was really easy for the writers to blame Martino for Ava's actions.  It was any excuse to make her not take responsibility for her actions.

Leave it to Stephanie to get mad at Max for keeping something from her.  She can keep all of the secrets she wants, but no one is supposed to keep secrets from her.  She's as bad as her mother.

Why was Kayla so concerned with Ava?  Did she forget that she caught Ava in bed with Steve?  Drugs or no drugs, it still didn't change the fact that Kayla caught Steve and Ava together.

It was so convenient that Lucas sent Sami an email telling her to move on with her life.  The writers were going to do anything they can to force an Ejami pairing.

The editors are having a problem with continuity.  One minute it will be light outside and the next it will be dark.  They are getting as bad as the editors on Passions.

Why was Nicole surprised by the fact that Philip would have been with his nephew's wife?  He did the same thing to Shawn when he married Shawn's ex-girlfriend.

Sami was so obvious that she was following EJ around at the gym.  She would have been better off telling him how she feels about him instead of following him around.  Did she really think he wouldn't have noticed how she suddenly showed up at the gym when he did?

Maybe we're blinded by our disgust for Chelsea, but we are not buying that Daniel is so in love with Chelsea.  He barely knows her and there is pretty much nothing to like about her.

Don't you just love how Sami forgets all about Will?  When she was whining to Rolf about her problems with EJ, she said she had two wonderful children.  What about Will?  The last time we checked, she had three children.

Kayla has no one else to blame but herself for why she had the baby early.  She wouldn't listen whenever people told her to relax.  She thought she knew better and kept getting herself worked up.  No wonder she ended up having complications with the baby.

EJ's scheme to get Sami to fall in love with him proves that he hasn't changed.  He only wants to get Lucas out of jail just so he can get Sami to fall for him.  He didn't even have to try that hard since Sami was going to fall for him anyway.

Why are the writers trying to downplay the fact that EJ raped Sami?  They even went so far as to have him say that he made love to her that night.  We all know that he didn't make love to her.  He forced her to have sex with him or he would have let Lucas die in the cabin.  Fast forward months later and he suddenly made love to her.  We don't know why she didn't correct him and tell him that he raped her.  What was even worse was the fact that Sami wasn't mad at him for the rape.  She was mad at him because of the way he treated her afterwards.  That was beyond crazy.  Why didn't the writers just re-write what he did since Sami was going to forgive it anyway?  

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Page updated 6/14/12

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