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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/5/08 - 5/9/08

Why does Kayla care so much about Ava's welfare?  After everything that Ava did to her and her family, the last thing Kayla should care about is Ava.

It doesn't really say much for Chelsea that she cares more about losing Daniel than she does about not having anymore children.  She already ahs a boyfriend so why does it matter that she can't get Daniel?  She always wants what she can't have no matter who it hurts.

The writers are really trying to drive it home how EJ and Sami love each other.  They even had to go so far as to let John say how much they love each other even thought he doesn't remember Sami.

Why was Kate so bothered by seeing a murdered body?  She didn't have a problem with seeing one when Lucas killed Franco.

John asked the million dollar question when he wanted to know why Sami didn't let EJ get deported.  If she doesn't care about EJ the way she claims, she would have been better off letting him go back to England.

We liked John and Sami's heart-to-heart talk.  It was good to see them bonding with each other.  It's been a long time since they had a conversation like that.

It was good to see the John flashbacks.  It's been a long time since we've seen them.  We remember when Sami caught John and Marlena on the conference table as if it happened yesterday.

How did Sami know what John did with Hope on the submarine?  There's no way for her to know what they did when she wasn't there.

Why didn't Marlena give John memories of his past the way Sami did?  It might have helped him remember things the way he did when Sami went down memory lane.

How did Martino know that the muffins in the Brady pub were fresh?  He isn't from Salem so he shouldn't have known about the muffins.

Why are Abe and Lexie considering getting therapy now?  They should have gotten therapy when she first cheated on him.

If Martino wanted a doctor to look after Ava, why didn't he go to Marlena?  He would have been better off going to a psychiatrist than a surgeon.

Why didn't Chelsea just break up with Nick sooner since she's just using it?  Since she's interested in Daniel, she would be better off breaking up with Nick.  This just proves that she hasn't changed.  She couldn't wait to give Nick the boot just because Daniel is in the picture.

Didn't you just love (sarcasm) the spin that Chelsea put on the way Zack died?  She made it seem as if he was killed and not murdered.  She acted as if her role in his death wasn't a major role.  She should have told Daniel that she murdered Zack and left him for dead.

Was there ever any doubt that EJ's visa was going to be renewed?  The writers never had to keep us in the dark about whether or not his visa was going to be renewed. Since the writers are pushing for the EJ/Sami pairing, there was no way his visa wasn't going to get renewed.

Shouldn't Bo know by now that he shouldn't try to fight Hope down when her mind is made up?  He should have known that Hope was going to want to nail Vitali the way he did.  Then he tried to play the sexist cared.

Chelsea should barely know Nicole so how would she know how crazy Nicole acts or used to act?

What made Sami and Marlena think that Rolf would have confessed to stealing the disk?  If he did do it, the last thing he was going to do was confess to it.  John already treats him like garbage.  Imagine how he would treat him if he confessed to stealing the disk.

It's too bad Abe didn't assign Bo and Hope on the Vitali case together.  It would have been nice to see them working on a case together.

Bo and Hope were so cute together when they were trying to spend quality time with each other.  Why oh why do their scenes like that last for a couple of seconds?  They are the only happy couple, yet we barely see their loves scenes.

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Page updated 6/14/12

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