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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

4/28/08 - 5/2/08

Why did Stephanie feel as if she had to go with Ava's henchman?  He only had a knife in her side.  It wasn't as if he had a gun to her so she didn't have to give in to his demand.

How convenient was it that Nicole was able to figure out that Victor had Brady in rehab?  Why didn't Chloe have someone to look for Brady the Nicole did?

Why did Victor treat Chloe like a criminal if he knew that Brady was safe?  He has known all along that Brady was in rehab yet he treated Chloe as if she murdered Brady.

 Why didn't Chloe know that Brady was addicted to drugs?  She should have known since she was around him more than Victor was.

Where are Doug and Julie?  Victor shouldn't care about Hope more than they do.  They won't come around for nothing.  Bo and Chelsea were hurt but they were nowhere to be found.

 Do you think that Bo will blame Hope for what happened to Chelsea?  She was the one who singed the form giving permission for Bo to have the surgery.  We think that it will only be a matter of time before he starts to blame her.

We find it hard to believe that Sami suddenly cares that Brady was missing.  They weren't close before he left Salem so when did they become close enough for Sami to be so happy that he is found?

Sami certainly is acting like a woman who wants to go by Sami Roberts.  She told EJ that her name is going to stay Roberts.  She seems like she wants to be Sami DiMera.

Where has Billie been?  It's unbelievable that she hasn't gotten the message about Chelsea.  You would think that she would have rushed to Salem to be there for her.

The writers are so obviously trying to redeem Chelsea for killing Zack.  That's probably why she's suddenly dreaming about him.  No matter how man times Chelsea is told that she wasn't wrong for what she did, it doesn't change that she is a murderer.  It's even worse having Hope justify why Zack was gone.  She was ready to throw Chelsea under the jail when Chelsea first killed him, but now she thinks that it was an accident.

Why would Billie talk to Bo on the phone about Chelsea getting counseling?  She should have been there for Chelsea herself considering she is in a similar position.  Billie can't have anymore kids either so she can relate to Chelsea.

Kate must love bugging Daniel since she is always in his face about Chelsea.  She acts as if Chelsea is Daniel's only patient and is expected to be around her 24/7.

Stephanie must not care for Chelsea the way she says or she would have been at the hospital with her.  Instead, she wanted to hit the sheets with Max instead of being with her best friend.

There must have been a lot of time that went by when Chelsea got released from the hospital since Hope's arm wasn't in the sling.

Why is Max so obsessed with Nick's grant?  Is he working for someone to sabotage Nick?  It's strange how he gets a funny look on his face whenever Nick brings up the grant.

Why are Abe and Lexie suddenly having problems with their schedules?  Their busy schedules weren't a problem before.  Maybe one or both are going to end up having an affair.  It wouldn't be a stretch for Lexie to have an affair since she's done that before.

Why would Ava's father have her doctor give her pills that would make her worse?

How convenient was it that Anna was asked to be in Kate's commercial?  Since she kept hanging around the set, it was a safe bet that she was going to be asked to be in it.

It was so predictable that Kate and Anna were going to fight while they were filming the commercial.  There was no way they were going to get through the commercial without fighting.

We didn't understand why the writers were so mysterious about Ava trying to commit suicide.  We could have sworn that Ava mentioned something about trying to do that before.

Days nitpick:  When Martino and his goons killed Earl, you could see his pulse beating in his neck.

How did Martino get Kate's phone number if he hasn't spoken to her in years?

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Page updated 6/14/12

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