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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

4/21/08 - 4/25/08

If Ava hates Steve so much, why was she trying to be with him before Bo and Kayla showed up at her house?  You would think she would have had him killed the first chance she got.

Sami seems to have forgotten all about Will.  She has barely mentioned his name.  She acts as if she only has two children.

Sami was acting like a jealous wife when she was fighting with EJ about Nicole.  She certainly isn’t acting as if the marriage was in name only.  Lucas will be a thing of the past until he comes back to the show.

Why were Kate and Victor the only ones of Chelsea’s family that were at the hospital for her?  Philip lives in the house with her so he could have been there sooner.

Why did Sami have to resort to blackmail in order to keep EJ from Nicole?  Was she that desperate to keep him from being with Nicole?

Why are we suddenly seeing people workout now that the trainer from the Biggest Loser was on the show?  No one said one word about working out before.

Why is John so deadest on getting back at the Kiriakis’? Is it possible that Stefano programmed John to go after them?

How convenient was it that Lucas refused to see Sami?  That was such an obvious attempt by the writers to push for the Ejami pairing.  It’s highly unlikely that Lucas would have refused to see her knowing that he has a daughter with her who he can’t see.  He would most likely want to see Sami in order to find out about Ali.

Marlena certainly didn’t stay away long.  When she said she was leaving town, she made it seem as if she was going to be gone for a while.  She could have stayed in Salem for the amount of time she was gone.

Are the writers trying to write a triangle for Max, Stephanie, and Morgan?  What is the point of going down that road again? When Max had Morgan, he didn’t want her.  Now he will probably want to be with her again.

Why did Kayla keep throwing her weight around with Ava and her cousins?  She’s going to keep messing around and get herself hurt.

How did Marlena hear about Nicole being back in town when she was in Colorado?  Nicole is not a celebrity so the news about her being back in town shouldn’t have made it out to Colorado.

Why would only a part of Marlena hate EJ?  The man raped Sami and he stole John’s kidney.  Those things are enough of a reason to hate him.  Bringing John back to her wasn’t enough of a reason to forgive EJ.

Why does Marlena care so much about John’s business?  She’s going to end up hearing something she doesn’t want hear.

Why was Tony able to see Chelsea but Morgan wasn’t able to see her?  Morgan claimed that only family and Nick were able to see Chelsea yet Tony was able to see her.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering Philip used to work with the ISA.

Why were Chloe and Nicole surprised that Victor kicked them out of the house?  Nicole was at least warned that Victor was going to kick her out so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Since Victor doesn’t like Chloe, she should have known he was going to do anything he could to get rid of her.

We wonder if Steve had sex with Ava before Kayla barged in on them.  He looked as if he was enjoying herself before he was busted.  He should have never agreed to have a baby with her.  There was no good to come out of having the baby with her.

What made Nicole think that John wouldn’t have figured out that she was only after him to spy on him?  She should have waited before mentioning business to John.  He’s not stupid.  He was going to figure out that she was pumping him for information.

Guess Stephanie wasn’t that worried about finding her parents or else she would have left her phone on.  She also wouldn’t have been ready to hop in the bed with Max.

Why would Bo leave Ava’s henchmen locked in a room?  He should have made sure that Roman and Abe arrested them too.

If Nicole has known where Brady was all along, why did she have the consulate after Chloe?  Also, why did she accuse her of having Brady killed?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/14/12

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