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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/14/08 - 4/18/08

If Marlena isn’t going to be able to look at the new John without thinking of the old one, why did she bother meeting him?  She would have been better off staying away from him.

Steve needs to stop leading Ava on.  He knows how crazy she is so the last thing he needed to do was lead her on.  What was to stop her from killing “Kayla” because of his scheme?

Why was Bo released from the hospital so fast?  Daniel told him it would be a long time before he would have been able to get out of the hospital, yet he was released early.

How could Marlena have loved John almost half her life when she was with Don and Roman?  She was with Roman a long time so how could she have loved John for almost half her life?  She wasn’t with John that long to have loved him for as long as she said.

It’s too bad Bo didn’t think to check out the surveillance tapes of the parking lot sooner.  He would have found out who took Hope sooner if he did.

It was so good to see Bo out of the hospital.  It seems as if he was in there for a long time.

How did Philip know that EJ is Nicole’s lawyer?  It’s doubtful that she would have volunteered that information to him.

If Steve doesn’t care about Ava, why does he keep having flashbacks of having sex with her?

Why is Nicole being treated as if she’s public enemy number one just because she tried to have Victor killed?  She wasn’t treated this way before she left Salem.  Now that she’s back, she’s being treated as if she’s worse than Stefano.

We were glad that Sami finally acknowledged how Ali is Lucas’s daughter and not EJ’s.  It seemed as if she forget that when she and EJ were playing happy family.

When EJ and Sami were fighting over Nicole, he said Nicole wasn’t a slut.  How did he know if she’s a slut?  He barely knows Nicole so he shouldn’t know one way or the other if she’s a slut.

What would possess Kayla to leave her gun right where Ava could get it?  It was as if Kayla wanted her to shoot Hope.  She should have felt like garbage when Hope got shot after everything Hope was willing to do to save her.

Why would Steve stop Bo from shooting Ava?  The woman shot his best friend’s wife.  Why wouldn’t he let Bo shoot her?  Maybe Steve cares about her more than he’s letting on.

Why does Nicole care so much about Brady being missing?  When she left town, she was in love with Austin.  Now all of a sudden she cares so much about Brady.

Nicole was on the money when she called Chloe out about her vanity when she was scarred.  Chloe was so hung up on her looks that she didn’t want Brady to see her with a scar on her face.

Is it possible that Chelsea is suffering from the side effects of the surgery because she was drunk when she had it?  Bo doesn’t seem to be in the same type of pain that she’s in all of a sudden.

Did anyone else want Ava to speed it up when she was talking about her relationship with Steve?  How long does it take to say he dumped her at the altar?

Did Ava really think Steve standing her up at the altar was enough of a reason to kill people?  That was such a copout of a reason to try and kill Steve and Kayla.  IT should have been a better reason than being stood up.

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Page updated 6/25/12

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