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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

4/7/08 - 4/11/08

Why do the writers expect the audience to care about what’s going on in Morgan’s family?  She is too new of a character for us to care what her parents are going through.

How young is Morgan that her father still has to pay child support?  Unless she has young siblings, he shouldn’t have to pay child support.

When Ava wanted to know who called Steve, he could have said the person was his sister.  He was so obvious that the person wasn’t just a real estate agent the way he claimed.

If the camera guys following Morgan and Stephanie around are supposed to film them working for Tony and Anna, why were they filming things that didn’t involve them working?  Tony and Kate had nothing to do with Morgan interning for Tony so why were they getting videotaped?

What made Bo and Kayla think that they would have been able to look for Hope and Steve when they didn’t know where they were?  That would have been a neat trick since they could have been anywhere.

How was Steve able to get out of Ava’s room without getting caught?  Also, why did he leave without taking Hope?  If he took her with him, they might have been able to escape.

Did the writers rewrite Philip and Brady’s history?  The last time we checked, Philip and Brady weren’t exactly best friends.  Now all of a sudden Philip is just as worried about Brady as Chloe is.

If Chloe is innocent of what happened to Brady, why did she run away?  She could have stayed in Austria and faced the music.

If Chelsea is supposed to turn over a new leaf, why would she continue to lead Nick on when she knows that she’s interested in Daniel?

Why does Maggie care whether or not Nicole is in town?  It couldn’t be because of what Nicole did to Lucas because she all but rolled out the red carpet for EJ.

Why was Mickey warning EJ about the things Nicole has done as if EJ hasn’t done worse? EJ is the same man who raped his nephew’s wife.  He also stole a man’s kidney.  EJ is no saint that he has to be warned about Nicole.  Nicole may have done bad things, but EJ has done things too.  The only difference is Nicole wasn’t redeemed the way EJ was.

The writers were good to remember that Nicole dumped Eric for Lucas, but they rewrote the reason why Sami hates Nicole.  Nicole dumping Eric wasn’t the only reason why Sami hated her.  They were enemies because of Austin.  Sami never said one word about what she did to Eric.  Guess the writers thought Sami using Eric as the reason why she hates Nicole would make her reason more legitimate.

Why did Sami care whether or not EJ worked with Nicole?  Their marriage is supposed to be in name only so it’s none of her business who he works with.

How were Bo and Kayla going to help Hope and Steve when they can barely walk? They wouldn’t be any good to Hope and Steve if they put their lives at risk.

How did Anna know that Kate used to be a hooker?  It’s not as if Kate advertised that dirty little secret?

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Page updated 6/14/12

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