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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

3/24/08 - 3/28/08

Why do people have to keep forcing Kayla to get rest?  She knows that she is going through a high-risk pregnancy so she should be resting.  What would she do if it were a patient of hers who wouldn’t rest while going through a high-risk pregnancy?  She would force them to get rest.

Are we supposed to believe that Sami suddenly didn’t want Shawn and Belle to leave Salem?  Sami hasn’t been around either one of them, but we were supposed to buy that she would “forbid” them from leaving.

Why was Marlena acting as if she didn’t know that Belle and Shawn were going sailing?  She tried to stop them from leaving as if she didn’t know that they planned on leaving town.  In fact, she was the first person to know that they were leaving so why stop them from leaving?

Why didn’t Hope check her surroundings when she got a break from the hospital?  She knew that Ava could have been around so she should have been checking where she was going.

The writers must have forgotten that Steve used to go by “Patch” before he left Salem.  Ava told Angelo that Kayla/Hope didn’t know him by “Patch.”  We could have sworn that we remember Kayla calling him “Patch.”  He didn’t just get the name when he was missing all of those years ago.

It was good of the writers to remember Pocket and Benjy.  We thought they forgot about Pocket since he hasn’t been mentioned in a while.

How did Philip know that Max used to date Morgan?  It’s not as if they took an ad out in the paper letting people know that they were together.  Also, Max and Philip aren’t friends so there was no reason for Philip to know about Max and Morgan.

The writers should have casted an older woman to play Ava if we are supposed to believe that Steve was with her before Kayla.  Ava looks too young to have been with him all of those years ago.

We find it hard to believe that the people at the college would care so much about Stephanie and Morgan’s internships that they would want to videotape it.  It would be the last thing we would care about if we were the professors.

If Chelsea loves Nick, why did she care if Daniel stayed in Salem or not?  The girl doesn’t know who she wants to be with.

How convenient was it that Kayla was in pain when Steve wanted to tell her about Ava?  Obviously there will be any excuse ready to keep him from telling her.  We have a feeling that he wouldn’t have told her anyway, but her cramps had convenient timing.

What made Bo think that Lexie and Abe would believe that he suddenly didn’t want to look for Hope?  HE should have come up with a better reason to keep the police from looking for Hope.

When Hope was telling Ava about Kayla and Steve’s love, we think she was talking about her love for Bo.  It was too coincidental that she happened to talk about a love that happened 20 years ago.

Why did Stephanie expect Max not to do anything about Ava going after Kayla?  Kayla is his sister and he had a night to do anything he can to help.

We are having a little trouble believing that Marlena doesn’t like diamonds or other expensive things.  This is a woman who wears expensive things, yet we’re supposed to believe that diamonds don’t phase her.

If Steve told the police about Ava sooner, they might have been able to catch her before she kidnapped Hope.

It was about time Kayla made reference to Max being a Brady in front of him and Stephanie.  We were under the impression that Kayla was okay with her brother being with her daughter. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/14/12

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