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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

3/17/08 - 3/21/08

We were so happy that Daniel put Chelsea in her place for drinking.  She just knew that she could play the ignorant card and get away with it.  She thought that saying she didn’t know that she would be a match she would be let off the hook.  She was wrong.  We were on the same page as Daniel when he wanted to know why she was tested if she was going to drink.

It was very professional of Lexie to talk Hope into signing the consent forms to have Bo go in surgery.  Lexie knew that Bo didn’t want to go through the transplant, but she manipulated the situation by giving him something to make him sleep.  She would be sick if he sues her if/when he gets better.

Why in the world was Shawn defending the things that Chelsea has done?  One of the “things she’s been through” happens to be murdering her brother.  We remember when he was one of the main ones giving her a hard time.  Now he thinks she’s some good person who has been through bad things over the years.  Give us a break!

How did John know Bo’s full name?  No one told him what his name is, yet he knew it.  John wasn’t around when Bo’s name was said so he must have remembered something.

How convenient was it that Chelsea had to “tug at the heart strings” when Hope was ready to yell at her?  We wanted to see Hope rip her to shreds, but Chelsea ruined that by crying the blues.  It was as if she knew that Hope was about to rip her a new one so she had to say whatever it took to get her to change her mind.

It was about time that Roman showed up at the hospital.  It was as if he forgot all about Bo.  We didn’t think that he would ever show up again.

We are having trouble believing that Chelsea cares so much about losing Bo.  Perhaps we’re blinded by our dislike of her and refuse to see it, but we just don’t believe that she’s heartbroken.  It’s just one more excuse for everything to be about her loss.

When Chelsea “disappeared”, why didn’t anyone think that she could have gone to see Bo?  Where else would she have gone if she didn’t see Bo? It didn’t take rocket science to know where she went.

Are Lexie and Kayla the only doctors at the hospital?  Why are they helping with Bo and Chelsea’s surgeries?  They are too personally involved to be assisting with the surgeries.

Why did Shawn bother joining the police academy if he wants to sail around the world?  Also, why did Belle study nursing if she wants to sail around the world?  The writers could have come up with a better way to get rid of them.

Why did everyone have to make speeches to Bo just before he went to surgery?  They know that he was in a race against the clock, yet they took the time to give him speeches.

Why were Sami’s hands suddenly full with the twins when it concerned going to the hospital?  Any other time Sami passes the twins on the Hortons.  Since they aren’t at the hospital, she could have left the twins with them and checked on Bo.

Why did Anna think she would be able to steal Tony’s employees from his company?  Her company is hanging on by a thread so what was she going to pay Ethan?

Why did Stephanie care if Daniel is single or not if she’s in love with Max?  Is there trouble in paradise already that she’s checking out other guys?

What is the point of Anna working for Tony’s competition?  She may as well bit the bullet and work for him.  He’s always a step ahead of her so she may as well throw in the towel.

Why did it matter to Philip if he would never see Claire again?  He hasn’t even seen her that much so it didn’t matter if she went with Shawn around the world.

Who was Kate to practically threaten Daniel if he didn’t check on Chelsea 24/7?  He should treat Chelsea the way he would any other patient.  Besides, Kate doesn’t have any power to threaten anyone.

How much time went by since Bo had his surgery?  Belle and Shawn weren’t supposed to leave until Bo was better.  Since he just had his surgery (or so we thought), they shouldn’t be leaving town.

Why was Max practically complaining about his community service?  He may not like working at the docks, but it beats going to prison.

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Page updated 6/14/12

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