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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

3/10/08 - 3/14/08

How much of Johnís memory did Stefano take out of John?  When Rolf mentioned Martha Stewart, John didnít know who she was.

We really enjoyed seeing the Bo and Hope flashbacks.  Bo looked so handsome in the flashbacks.  The problem with seeing them is that it made it that much harder to watch Bo and Hopeís present scenes without wanting to cry.

What made Belle think that John was going to get his memory back just because she spoke to him?  If Marlena couldnít reach out to him, what made her think she would be able to do it? 

Why would Steve tell Stephanie about Ava, but not Kayla?  She had a right to know what was going on too.

Wasnít it convenient that the treatment Daniel suggested for Bo was experimental and potentially dangerous?  Guess it wouldnít be a story if he found a treatment that would work without complications.

Why arenít the Hortons there for Bo?  Bo is their family too, yet none of them are there for him.  If they couldnít be there for Bo, they could have been there for Hope.  She is their family so they should be there for her.  It was written that Alice and Maggie wanted to see Bo, but what happened to Julie, Doug, Mickey and Nick?

If Stefano erased Johnís memory, how does he know how to run a business?  You would think that that part of his memory would have been gone too.

We liked seeing Philip reach out to Bo.  Itís the first time they ever had a heart-to-heart about anything.  Hopefully they will work together more when Bo gets better.

Why hasnít Kimberly come back to Salem to check on Bo?  She knows whatís going on so she should be back in Salem.

Why are Nick and Max suddenly on the outs?  You would never know that they are supposed to be best friends.  Now Max seems to be sabotaging Nickís work.  Are the writers possibly changing the direction of Maxís character?  Is he turning into the bad guy?

Why havenít Roman and Sami been to see Bo?  The only time Roman has been to see him was when he questioned him about the plane crash.  Other than that, he hasnít been around at all.  Sami was even worse because she hadnít been there period.

It was extremely heartbreaking to see Bo and Hope comforting each other at the hospital.  They are going through such a terrible time.  With that said, Peter and Kristian are doing a great job with the material. 

How was Lexie supposed to help Bo when she hasnít had any sleep?  She was no good to him without any sleep.  She could have made a mistake since she hasnít had any sleep.

Shawn came off so selfish when he told Bo that he wanted him to get better so he could sail around the world.  We know that he wanted to give Bo a reason to fight for his life, but that was so tacky of him to put it on Bo for why he couldnít go sailing around the world.

Why would Chelsea go out drinking when she was tested as a possible donor for Bo?  She should have known that she shouldnít be drinking, yet like the selfish witch she is, she went out drinking.

What does it say for Chelsea that Kate had to be the voice of reason when it concerned Chelsea?  Maybe pigs are flying. LOL!  Kate shouldnít have had to tell Chelsea to be there for her family instead of drinking.

We are so sick of Chelsea making everything about her.  Bo is on the verge of death, but weíre supposed to care that Chelsea is a jinx when it comes to the people she loves.

We wonder if Hope would have been so willing to make Bo go along with the surgery if Shawn were a match for Bo instead of Chelsea.  Would she risk Shawnís life to save Boís the way she wanted to risk Chelseaís?

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Page updated 6/14/12

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