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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

3/3/08 - 3/7/08

Why is Boís illness turning into a pity party for Chelsea?  She acts as if sheís the only one who is affected by Boís illness.  We would much rather see Bo and Hope dealing with his illness than see everyone comforting Chelsea.

Was there ever any doubt that Max was going to get community service for moving Fordís body?  He committed a crime, yet he was given a slap on the wrist.  Then he had the nerve to complain about his sentence.  It could have been much worse than it was.

Maybe itís just us, but we had a hard time believing that Max missed his father for why he went off on the judge who gave him community service.  He wasnít around Grandpa Shawn enough for us to believe that.

How many more favors does Chloe expect Philip to do for her?  Heís already in an awkward position with Victor as it is, but she still wanted to stay at the mansion.

What nerve did Chloe have to get smart with Philip when he asked her about Philip?  He didnít have to give her a place to stay, but she had the gall to get upset with him for asking about Brady.

Why are the writers trying to butcher Morganís character?  If itís a way to get us to root for Max and Stephanie as a couple, itís not going to work.  They are still a couple who shouldnít be together.

When was Steve going to realize that the more he keeps Kayla in the dark about Ava, the more sheís going to be suspicious of him?

Since Ava has been following Steve around, why doesnít she know who Kayla is?  Sheís got a picture of Kayla, yet she doesnít know who she is.

Sami really didnít need to make fun of EJ for the type of job he would have to get when she doesnít have a job.  She might have to get a job at a fast food restaurant too in order to pay bills.

Speaking of EJ working, why couldnít he get a job as a lawyer?  He said that he has a law degree and that he used to practice law so he could have tried to become a lawyer.

Wasnít that convenient how EJís visa suddenly expired?  He has been in Salem for a couple of years so he should have known to renew his visa.  Also, he didnít make any reference to ever leaving the country so why didnít he apply for citizenship?  EJís visa expiring was a convenient plot device for EJ and Sami to end up staying married.

If Marlena doesnít like the way Johnís been acting, why does she keep going to see him?  You would think that she would stay away from him for a while.

We could care less about the Theta girls getting internships.  We really hope the writers wonít drag this story out too long because the Theta girls are boring and the last thing we care to see is them in a long drawn out story.

What were the odds that Morgan and Stephanie would have been offered internships with Tony and Annaís companies?

Why did Hope have to make Chelsea feel better about Bo possibly dying?  Bo is Hopeís husband and is going through a lot having to stay positive for everyone, yet Chelsea didnít even attempt to make her feel better.

For some reason, Daniel is very suspicious to us.  We have a feeling that heís not the good guy he wants people to think he is.  For all we know, he could be working for the DiMeras.

It was just a little convenient that Burke from Washington showed up at the pub for EJ.  EJ could have been anywhere in Salem, yet he found him at the pub.  We think that EJ sent him there so Sami would say that she is really married to him. What are the odds that burke had to interview him right then and there?  We just arenít buying that.  There was something fishy going on.  Also, how did Burke know that EJ raped Sami and forced her to marry him?  It wasnít likely that that info was in the paper so he shouldnít have known anything about that.

If Max quit working at the Cheating Heart, who is running it?  Adrienne left him in charge of the bar so whose got it now?

If Daniel was so close to Victor, why didnít he know who Kate is? He shouldnít have only recognized her name.

Why did Stephanie only want to work in the pub to keep Max?  Why didnít want to do it to help Caroline?  Caroline is not just Maxís mother.  She is her grandmother.  If the writers think that having Stephanie refer to Caroline and Grandpa Shawn as Maxís parents is going to make the audience forget that they are family, they are sadly mistaken.

We are really having trouble believing that Max is going through a rough time without Grandpa Shawn.  Maybe if we saw him around Grandpa Shawn, we would buy his heartbreak.  If Grandpa Shawn was so influential in Maxís life, why werenít they shown together more than they were?

If Stephanie truly believed that Grandpa Shawn thought of Max as family, why is she dating him? Doesnít she consider him family too?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/14/12

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