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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

2/25/08 - 2/29/08

Roman is so obviously by-the-book.  He was at the hospital to visit Bo, but all he was worried about what happened during the plane crash.  Why couldnít he wait to ask him about it?

Was anyone really surprised that the sorority girls were willing to let Chelsea stay in the sorority?  If everything didnít work out, would they have been so willing to forgive her?

Why was Steve released from the hospital if his ribs were still bad?  He should have stayed a little longer.

Why does Steve remember Ava when he said he didnít remember what happened while he was gone?  We were under the impression that he didnít remember his past so he shouldnít remember Ava.

Why was Stephanie comforting Max about Grandpa Shawnís death as if he isnít related to her too?  Max should have been comforting her too.

What were the odds that Ava had a picture of her and Steve in a desk drawer?  Sheís most likely not from Salem so why would she have that picture in the drawer?

Why would Steve keep Kayla in the dark about Ava?  He knows that Ava is dangerous so they need to know about her.  At least they would be on their guard if Ava goes after them.  Also, Steve was the one who said he didnít want secrets between them, yet heís keeping that whopper of a secret from them.

How could Marlena stand with a straight face and tell Abe that John isnít dangerous?  Did she forget what he did to her in Ireland before Colleen died?  He threw her against a wall and knocked her out.  We wouldnít exactly feel safe around John if we were her.

How convenient was it that Grandpa Shawn died while Lucas was away in prison?  This was an obvious attempt to make EJ and Sami get closer to each other.  We guess the writers didnít want us to see Lucas comforting Sami.  We just had to see EJ comforting her.

Grandpa Shawnís funeral came up fast.  He just got home and they were already having a funeral for him. It must have been short notice since some people didnít come home for the funeral.

Who did Sami think she was yelling at Chloe for not telling the police about Brady? As Chloe told her, she didnít care about Brady before so why was she so concerned about where he was?

Who was Kimberly to threaten Victor by telling him to stay away from her mother?  She hasnít been there for years and she will be gone in a couple of days.  She could have kept her threats to herself.

Why didnít Caroline and Max get to speak at Grandpa Shawnís funeral?  Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, and Bo spoke so it was very noticeable that Caroline and Max didnít speak.

Why did they have the wake after the funeral?  Usually itís the other way around.  Unless thatís the way the Irish have funerals, it seems as if the writers messed up.

Why was EJ welcomed at Grandpa Shawnís funeral? After everything heís done to the family, he shouldnít be welcomed there.

Why wouldnít Tony and Anna go to the funeral?  Tony was a family friend and Anna was his daughter-in-law so they should have been there.  If EJ could go, thereís no reason why they couldnít be there.

How long has Tony been in business that he was able to get clients already?  He just mentioned buying the company not too long ago, yet heís got it up and running as if itís been open for years.

Why didnít Kimberly get more time off?  She should have at least stayed in Salem for a couple of days so she could have been there for her family.

Leave it to EJ to try and blame his family for the evil things he did.  Weíre glad that Kimberly told him about holding him responsible for the things he did to Sami and her family.  EJ must think he can blame his family for everything and just forget about his wrongdoing.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Isabella died of Pancreatic Cancer.  Hopefully Bo wonít suffer the same death.

Why would Sami go to Mickey to help her with the divorce?  Mickey doesnít have the best track record when it comes to winning cases so she should have gone to a professional.

Chelsea was being so selfish when it concerned losing Bo.  She was only worried about losing Bo.  She didnít think about what losing Bo would do to Shawn.  Heís known him longer than she did and he wasnít being selfish the way she was.

While weíre on the subject of Chelsea, when is she ever going to offer comfort to anyone?  Shawn could have used some comfort too, but Chelsea had to get it because she didnít want to lose another person that she loves.

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Page updated 6/13/12

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