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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

2/4/08 - 2/8/08

If Chloe was so worried about Brady, why was she coming on to Philip when she came back to Salem?  Her actions didnít seem like someone who was missing Brady.

Why wouldnít Roman go to Ireland with Steve, Kayla, and Grandpa Shawn?  You would think that they would have told him about Colleen since sheís his aunt.  He didnít need to stay at the police station because Abe could have handled things while Roman was gone.

Why was Hope making excuses for Colleen for why she didnít get in touch with her family?  Hope blamed Santo as if he forced her to let her family think she was dead all of these years.

After everything that Lexie and Sami have gone through, who would have thought that Lexie would be the one defending Sami to EJ?  We expected Lexie to badmouth Sami to him.

Since Sami wouldnít help Lucas by testifying that she drove him to shoot EJ, why would she care if he plead guilty of shooting EJ?  She was the one who was so worried about what the trial would do to her so now she wonít have to worry about the stress she would be going through because of the trial.

Why would Lexie tell EJ that Kayla is pregnant?  What happened to doctor/patient confidentiality?  She should have let EJ find out about the pregnancy on his own.

We are not surprised that Chelsea was let off of the hook for Fordís death.  As usual, someone came to Chelseaís rescue.  As long as people rescue her, she will never have to suffer the consequences for her actions.

It was good to see Bo and Victor getting along again.  We didnít realize they were on speaking terms after what went down during the custody battle over Claire. 

Why did the writers spoil the fact that Colleen is his mother?  It could have been a good surprise if they didnít spoil it before the truth was revealed.

Wasnít it convenient how Victor had a job in London waiting for Billie when she was fired from the university?  We know they had to write Billie off of the show because the actress was fired, but that was too contrived.

Why was Max only getting a slap on the wrist for moving Fordís body?  He still committed a crime so he should at least do some jail time.

There is no way Stephanie would have been defending Chelsea to Morgan if the mess with Ford didnít work out.  She was defending Chelsea as if she didnít blame her for possibly going to jail.  She would have been just as mad as the other sorority girls if things didnít go their way.

Why would Adrienne leave the bar for Max to run until she decides what to do with it?  Why wouldnít she leave it for Steve to run?  It could have stayed in the family with Steve running it.

Is it possible that Hope could be sick too?  She was suddenly dizzy and her back was bothering her.  We know she wouldnít have had those things happen for nothing so she may end up having the same illness as Bo.  Are the writers trying to kill off Bo and Hope?  We are so nervous that thatís where the writers are going with the story.

What was the point of bringing Colleen back to the show if they were going to kill her off?  She could have died years ago if she was going to end up dying again.

John was so right about Colleen.  She was a liar and a manipulator, but everyone treated him as if he were a monster for telling the truth.  Colleen would have never told the truth if she werenít dying.  She would have continued to stay in hiding.

Why was Colleen defending Santo to John after what he did to her?  She had to fake her death because of what he did, but she defended him as if he were a good man.

Were we supposed to think it was cute seeing Ally sleep on EJís lap?  The writers are really going overboard trying to redeem him.  Itís not working for us because he has done too much to be forgiven.

Why were Stephanie, Chelsea, and Max the only ones who acknowledged Maxís birthday?  Why didnít Caroline want to do something for him?

Marlena knows that John isnít himself so why was she pushing so hard for him to speak on Colleenís behalf?

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Page updated 6/13/12

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