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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/28/08 - 2/1/08

Why didnít Chelsea tell Crawford that she was the one responsible for Fordís death?  She knew that the other girls didnít want to come forward so why didnít she just take the credit for what happened to Ford?  It was her idea to do that to Ford so she shouldnít bring the other girls down with her.

Since Marlena was willing to paralyze Stefano, maybe sheís just as crazy as he is.  She should be lucky that sheís a former Brady or else she would be in prison right along with him.

What made Chelsea think that anyone was going to believe her story about what happened to Ford?  She waited too long to say anything so she had enough time to come up with a ďplausibleĒ story.  We know that sheís telling the truth, but no one else will know that.

We were so glad that Crawford didnít let Chelsea and Stephanie off the hook for what they did to Ford.  Chelsea must have thought that all was going to be good just because she played confession and told what they did to Ford.

What was the point of Marlena paralyzing Stefano?  Heís the only one who can give John is memory back so why would she paralyze him?  Maybe the story is going over our head, but we donít understand what sheís trying to accomplish with this plan.

Isnít it something how Anna seems to have forgotten all about Roman?  You would never know that she had feelings for him not too long ago.

It was so convenient how Bo and Hope had to take a physical.  This is obviously a set up for whatís supposed to happen to Bo.  We wonít spoil whatís going to happen if you donít want to know.

Why would the hospital make Lexie the Chief-of-Staff at the hospital when she was just reinstated?  Shouldnít she have been back for a while before she got promoted?

Marlena is losing her mind.  She is acting just as crazy as the DiMeras.  First she put Stefano in a coma and then she wanted to inject John with medication.  She also changed Stefanoís blood test so she wouldnít get caught.  If we didnít know any better, we would have though that Stefano did something to her too.  She is really acting out of character.

Since Bo and Hope got to Ireland so fast, why didnít Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe go with them?  At least they would have gotten there as soon as they did.

Are the writers trying to manipulate us into feeling sorry for the sorority girls because they got arrested for Fordís murder?  They should be in jail since they were responsible for what happened to Ford.  Chelsea deserved to get charged with Fordís death since she was let off the hook when she killed Zack.

Why are the writers trying to make Crawford the bad guy just because he wants justice for his sonís death?  If the shoe were on the other foot, the sorority girlsí parents would have reacted the same way if Ford were responsible for their deaths.

It really didnít look good for Boís chance of survival since he suddenly started flashing back to his past with Hope.  Heís also talking as if heís about to die.  We are really scared that heís about to die.

Why did Belle have a band-aid on her head when she clearly didnít have a cut on her head?

We really didnít think it was possible for Shawn and Philip to make up after what Philip did to him.  We figured that Shawn would have been upset for a while.  If Shawn can forgive Philip, it shouldnít be hard for him to forgive Belle.

Maybe itís just us, but we didnít like seeing EJ and Sami playing happy family.  She should be spending time with Lucas and the twins, not EJ.

Why does Lexie suddenly care about whatís going on with Stefano?  Last year, she didnít care whether he lived or died, but now sheís so concerned with whatís going on with him.

It was a shame that the writers got rid of Adrienne the way they did.  They never had to bring her back if they were going to send her off to another country.  We thought the goodbye scenes between Steve and Adrienne would have been more of a tearjerker, but they werenít.  It might have been different if Adrienne was used more than she was.

How was Marlena able to tell who Colleen was, but no one else could?  If she looks the way she did when she was younger, the others should have been able to tell who she was too.

It certainly didnít take Sami much to throw up in Lucasís face how he isnít there for her and the baby.  He was trying to look out for her when he shot EJ, but she doesnít care about that.  She was even willing to hate him for what he did.  EJ has done worse, but she could play happy family with him. 

Why were Marlena, Hope, Belle, and Shawn smiling at the story that Colleen was telling them about her life with Santo?  If it werenít for her, the DiMeras wouldnít have had to go after the Bradys.  The last thing they should be doing is treating her story as if it was a love story.

Leave it to Chelsea to go running to Victor when she needed help with Crawford.  She hasnít said two words to him, but the second she needed help, she suddenly wanted to see him.  She would have been sick if he turned her away and refused to help her.

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Page updated 6/13/12

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