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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/21/08 - 1/25/08

Why was Sami having so much trouble trusting EJ when he suggested that they leave Salem?  She was just singing his praises to Hope about EJ so we were surprised that she wasn’t over the moon by his suggestion.

Why isn’t Steve more involved in John’s story?  He went through something similar to John’s situation so he could be the one to reach out to John.

Why was Sami willing to go away with EJ, but she couldn’t leave with Lucas?  If she left town when Lucas suggested leaving, she wouldn’t have to worry about Stefano going after the kids.

It’s good how the writers are reminding the audience that other characters besides John were affected by Stefano.  It’s a good way to let new viewers know the history between Stefano and the Bradys.

Maybe it’s us, but is anyone else sick of the way Lucas says “DiMera” as if he’s saying “DiMeera”?  That drives us crazy.  Kate says it that way too.  Everyone else can say it right, but they are always saying it wrong.  It may seem nitpicky, but it’s maddening.

Why did Sami care if Lucas was in jail with Stefano or not?  If she testified for him, he wouldn’t be in jail.  He could probably be home with her and the twins.  She was more worried about how she would have looked to care about him being in prison.

What made Lucas think that Stefano wouldn’t have checked his cellphone to see who he called?  Lucas would have been better off not using the phone at all.

If Hope wasn’t on the force, why was she at police crimes scenes as if she was still a cop?  We were under the impression that she was on the force.  She could have been back on the force.

Does anyone else think that John’s doctor works for the DiMeras?  He was acting strange about giving John more medication which is why we think he could be working for Stefano.

Did Nick forget that he wasn’t going to help Chelsea cover up Ford’s death?  He made a big deal out of not helping her, but the second Billie wanted to know what was going on, he covered up for her.  We knew that he was blowing smoke when he said he wasn’t covering for her again.

How was investigating a medal going to help Shawn and Chloe find Claire?  Rob could have gotten that from anywhere.

Marlena must really love John in order to put up with the way he’s treating her.  We don’t think we would be able to put up with him treating us the way he’s treating Marlena.

How out of the loop has Bo been in Chelsea’s life that he had to just find out about the flyers Chelsea put up about Ford?  We figured he knew about the flyers.

It certainly didn’t take long for Marlena to forget about Brady.  Before John came back, Brady was all she was worried about.  Now she has barely mentioned him.

Why was Stephanie so rude when she saw Steve and Kayla kissing at the pub?  Once upon a time, she would have been more than happy to see them together.  Now all of a sudden it was a problem to see them happy.

Why was Marlena able to interrogate Stefano as if she’s a cop?  Just because she was married to Roman that doesn’t give her the right to question prisoners.

We were surprised that Sami took the time to say goodbye to John.  Considering their history, it was good that she wanted to say bye to him.

It was about time Steve found out about Stephanie’s rape.  Of course it wasn’t through just her since Kayla actually said the words, but he finally knows the truth.

Kayla got really lucky that Steve wasn’t as angry as he could have been when he realized that Kayla knew about Stephanie’s rape.  She kept a huge secret from him and he had the right to know what was going on.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/13/12

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