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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/14/08 - 1/18/08

Didnít Chelsea have nerve expecting Nick to keep her secret about Ford?  How much more does she expect Nick to do for her? He canít keep rescuing her forever.

Who did Belle think she was expecting Philip to stay away from Chloe in order to be friends with her?  Philip is a grown man who can speak to anyone he wants.  He didnít need Belleís approval or permission to do it.  She just loves calling the shots, doesnít she?

The writers are going overboard trying to turn EJ into a good guy.  Now that he has told Marlena where John is, heís suddenly not a monster.  To make matters worse, even Marlena is willing to be grateful to him.  Why donít they just give him a key to Salem?

Did Belle really think Philip would help her save her marriage?  He did everything he could to help ruin her marriage.  The last thing he was going to do was help her save it.

Billie said she knows Chelsea and knew that something was wrong.  If that were true, why did it take Billie so long to question her about Ford?  She should have known what was going on with Chelsea sooner.

Why didnít Belle lock the car doors when the cop was out of the car?  She might not have been kidnapped if she thought to lock the doors.

Why do the writers go out of their way to make it seem as if Max and Stephanie are only friends?  They are also family.  Just because the writers forgot that doesnít mean the audience has.

Isnít it convenient how Chelsea wants to tell the truth about Ford now that Nick doesnít want to lie for her?  She went along with the other girls when they didnít want to say anything.  Maybe she shouldnít have tried to convince the other girls that what they did wasnít that bad.

Is it possible that Crystal could be related to Belle?  When Belle wanted to know who Crystal was working with, Crystal told her she was with family.  That made us think that Crystal might be related to Belle somehow.

If Stephanie had the guts to tell Fordís father that Ford raped her, why didnít she come forward to the school board?  Ford would have most likely gotten in trouble if she did.

Maybe itís just us, but it seemed as if Philip cared more about Belle and Claire being gone than Shawn did.  Shawn acted as if he could care less that they were gone.

When Belle was ďsmart enoughĒ to throw the coffee in Crystalís face to get away from her, she was stupid enough to practically hand Claire to Rob.  She saw Robís face so she should have known not to go in the direction of the pier where he was standing.  She may as well have handed Claire to Rob.

We are pretty sure that Marlena has dealt with patients who had amnesia so why does she expect John to remember his life so fast?  She should have known that it could take time before he gets his memory back.

How convenient was it that Philip had to be the one to save Belle when she fell in the water?  The writers will do anything to make Philip look like Belleís knight in shining armour.

Wasnít that convenient how Belle ended up getting hurt because of the kidnapping?  Now Shawn will have to forget about what Belle did to him since he has to worry about Claire being missing.

Why was John handcuffed at the hospital as if heís a criminal?  He hasnít committed a crime so what was the point of the handcuffs?  Why not just put him in restraints?

Why would Philip tell Belle about Claire?  Bo told him not to say anything to her about Claire, but he did the complete opposite of what he was told to do.  It was as if he wanted to upset her with the truth.

What were the odds that Stefano would have been in the same cell as Lucas?  The police know that Stefano tried to have Lucas killed so why would they put them in the cell together?  Were they trying to get him killed?

Hope shouldnít have had to tell Sami that she could keep Lucas out of jail.  Sami should have realized that on her own.

How did Lucas find out about John being alive when heís been in jail?  Who would have told him?

Why was Sami defending EJ as if heís her man or something?  She canít find anything good to say about Lucas, but she can sing EJís praises as if heís a hero or something.

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Page updated 6/13/12

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