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2008 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/31/07 - 1/4/08

If we are expected to believe that Belle is so in love with Shawn, why does she keep thinking about Philip?  That doesn’t prove how much she loves him.

Maybe it’s just us, but Philip seems to be turning into a stalker.  He sure seems to show up wherever Belle is.  When Shawn and Belle were at the Pub, he was right outside watching her.

What on earth is Caroline doing to Grandpa Shawn?  When Shawn and Belle got married, Grandpa Shawn was sick. Then he was under the weather not too long ago.  Now his back is bothering him.  This could be a long shot, but maybe she’s trying to bump him off.

It is a little too late for EJ to stand up to Stefano.  Maybe if he did it before, he wouldn’t have to worry about Stefano possibly taking his son.

Considering how much Sami has lied to Lucas, was she really in a position to get upset with him for lying about shooting EJ?  She has done her fair share of bad things over the years too.

Did you all notice how Lucas wasn’t shown shooting EJ?  They were very good to just show a gloved hand.  He was shown when he put the gun back, but he didn’t flash back to actually shooting EJ.  That could be an indication that the rumor may be right about Lucas covering for someone.

Why was Sami able to get over how Marlena shot at EJ, but she was ready to turn her back on Lucas?  Marlena possibly started a war with the Bradys and DiMeras, but Sami was okay with it.  Perhaps she was looking for an excuse to be with EJ.  Why else would she care that Lucas shot him?

We enjoyed the ribbing that Bo and Roman were giving each other when Bo got the delivery from Hope at the police station.  They are such clowns with each other.

We really find it hard to believe Chloe’s story about why Brady is missing.  If it was as innocent as she said, she would have gone to the police when he was missing.  She wouldn’t have taken the time to go to Salem.

Didn’t Belle have a lot of nerve expecting Shawn to forgive her for cheating on him?  He just found out about the affair and she didn’t have the decency to let him take in her news before she begged for forgiveness.  She would never be that forgiving if he were the one who cheated on her.  She would have been ready to leave him without giving him the chance to explain himself.

Did Belle really think Shawn would have embraced her after she told him about her affair?  She should have expected him to be upset with her for what she did.  If the shoe were on the other foot, she wouldn’t forgive him if he cheated on her.

Wasn’t Lucas being ungrateful to Philip when he was trying to keep him from going to jail?  Philip didn’t have to help him so he could have been a little nicer to Philip.

We were really surprised that Shawn wasn’t more upset at Hope that she knew about Belle’s affair.  We figured he would have been more mad at Hope than he was at Belle.  He took it better than we thought.

Why in the world was Hope defending Belle to Shawn?  She knows why Shawn is upset so why would she try to defend her?  It wasn’t that long ago when Belle tried to put her in her place so the last thing Hope should have been doing was defending her.

Why was Belle still carrying the new Claire?  The girl looked too big for Belle to be carrying.  Belle looked as if she could barely lift her.

Why was Sami surprised that Will didn’t want anything to do with her?  The boy didn’t even want to tell her he was leaving Salem.  It was a safe bet that he wasn’t going to take her calls.

Why did Lucas take the risk of getting smart with Carmine?  Carmine was being friendly towards him, yet Lucas was being rude.  At the time, Lucas didn’t know why Carmine was in the jail so he shouldn’t have gotten smart the way he did.

Will’s reaction to Lucas being in jail was suspicious.  He acted as if he knew what was going on.  He told her “I knew he would get caught”.  What an odd thing for him to say unless he were the one who shot EJ.

Lucas was being so ungrateful to Kate.  Kate may have done terrible things, but she was looking out for him.  She was the one who visited him in jail while Sami turned her back on him.  He could at least give Kate a break considering she was willing to go on the run with him.

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Page updated 6/13/12

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