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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

12/3/07 - 12/7/07

Was anyone else getting sick of seeing Chelsea obsessing over Ford? 

Why did the writers bother bringing Adrienne back to the show if they arenít going to use her?

Why did Sami care if Stefano saw Lucas without his shirt on?

Didnít EJ heal up really quickly?  The man was practically knocking on deathís door last week, but now he acts as if heís not really hurt anymore.

Why didnít Cordy want to do anything to make sure that Ford paid for what he did to her?  Did she make up being raped?

Isnít it something how Bo and Hope seem to be on different sides when it concerns Belle?

It was hard to believe that Ford didnít realize that Chelsea as well as the others were setting him up.

It could just be us, but it seemed as if Sami enjoyed defending EJ to Lucas.

As much as we approve of what Hope is doing as far as Belleís concerned, if sheís telling everyone about Belle and Philip, she may as well tell Shawn too.

Why did Chelsea go up the stairs instead of going out the front door when Ford was chasing her?  We werenít surprised that Ford was able to grab her.

How come it was so easy for Stephanie and Cordy to want to cover up Fordís death, but they couldnít tell what he did to them?

Since there is a security camera in the sorority house, itís possible that the girls could be caught moving Fordís body.

Why was Caroline so obsessed with Max finding a girlfriend?  She didnít care about him finding one before.

What kind of mother is Sami?  She left the twins alone just to go to EJís place.  Lucky for Sami, no one took the twins out of the apartment.

Stephanie said she had to call Max to tell him about Ford.  Why did she have to do that?  She didnít need to get him involved.

We find it hard to believe that Chelsea has trouble accepting what she did to Ford when she had no problem killing Zack.

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Page updated 6/26/12

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