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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/19/07 - 11/23/07

How did Shawn know to look for Steve’s gun under the bar?  He could have hidden it anywhere.

Sami needs to make up her mind about the way she feels about EJ.  She shouldn’t have kissed him if she doesn’t care about him.

How could Sami forgive EJ for raping her?  She may as well forgive Allan for raping her too.

Why did the writers bother putting Shelle back together if Belle was going to end up having feelings for Philip?

Why was it okay for Roman’s actions to be covered up?  He was at the church with a gun so he shouldn’t have been allowed to investigate EJ’s shooting.

Why was Hope so willing to show Belle her living room with the decorations when she knows what she did to Shawn?

Wasn’t Kayla a little too willing to help Stephanie with her pregnancy test?  She should have asked her about what was going on with her.

If Sami weren’t in such a rush to be with EJ, then she would have known that Will went to Switzerland.

When is Sami going to spend more time with her twins?  Lucas spend more time with them than she does.

The last thing that Kayla should have done was lie to Steve about Stephanie’s pregnancy test.

Why is Chelsea so obsessed with getting revenge on Ford?  You would think that he went after her instead of Cordy and Morgan.

Belle got what she deserved when Philip told her that he’s not her go to when she has a problem with the Bradys.

Philip was so right when he called Belle a brat.  He read her life a book since she wants it both ways.

Wasn’t that convenient how Grandpa Shawn was sick during the day of Shelle’s wedding?

Sami didn’t consult Lucas about naming her son so why was she mad that he named their daughter?

Since Roman went to the hospital, why didn’t Bo go home to see Shawn get married?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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