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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/12/07 - 11/16/07

Why was Lucas so surprised that Bo was suspicious of him since he publicly threatened EJ?  He told Bo that if something happened to EJ, he said he would be a prime suspect so he shouldnít have been surprised Bo questioned him.

Was it really wise of Bo to bring Shawn with him while questioning Lucas?

Where was Marlena?  She could have been the woman in black since she wasnít around at the time of EJís shooting.

If Lucas is so innocent, how come he keeps taking his gun out of the box?  Why does he need to look at it so much?

If Belle werenít so wrapped up in herself, she would have known that Sami was at the hospital while she was there.

Why does Belle insist on being in her bedroom with Philip?  Does she want to be caught with him?

Why did the police stop investigating what happened to John?  They seemed more worried about EJís shooting than Johnís hit and run.

When is Stefano going to tell Susan that EJ was shot?  She has a right to know what happened to her son.

Does anyone really care whatís going on with the sorority storyline?  We know we donít care about it at all.

We donít believe for one minute that EJ would really let Sami go.  He is just trying to get her sympathy.

After everything that EJís done to the people in Salem, we donít feel sorry for him now that heís hurt.

Itís probably Samiís subconscious telling her to be with EJ.  After what Santo did to Colleen, why would she want her grandniece to be with his grandson?

What made Kate think that the police wouldnít check out her story about throwing the gun in the dumpster?

Are we supposed to believe that EJ would rather live for Sami and not for his only son?  Wasnít he the one who went so far as to rape Sami just so he could have a child?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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