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2007 Our Opinion!

Anna's Letter to TPTB at Days of our Lives

First and foremost, I would like to say that I have been a devoted fan of Days of our Lives for 25+ years. I've been watching it since Tom Horton was alive and he and his wife were young and well. It has become a tradition in my house to watch it everyday with my daughter and her daughter. Every year my family and I look forward to the special Horton Holiday events. My daughter and granddaughter look forward most to the Horton Christmas. However, I regret to say that my whole family, starting today, will no longer be tuning in to watch any more future episodes of Days of our Lives, and I will make it a point to push all my friends who watch the show to no longer tune in for any reason.

I have read that the show has gotten new writers and if you were to ask me, they are terrible. It is like the writers don't even know their own character. They may be new, but the viewers are not.

Shawn, Belle and Phillip ~ Whatever happened to the fairytale romance that was when Kirsten Storms was on the show? My granddaughters used to love to watch her and Shawn every episode many years ago. It seems, though, that once you change the actors, the characters themselves have to change with them and that is not right at all. Belle was never as stupid as she is now. She would have never ended up with Phillip for any reason. He was meant to be with Chloe, but no, for some off the wall reason, she is with Brady. Phillip and Belle are like brother and sister. Now they both behave like two dogs in heat. The baby paternity was a ridiculous story line and now that it is all straightened out, get over it. He needs to move on instead of lusting after her and her behaving like a whore. That is not like her regular character, at all. She would have never kissed Phillip on the day of her father's funeral and not to mention in a church. She used to have such a strong backbone and would have never abandoned Shawn after all the things that went on with Jan. Shawn could have fought Jan and on a regular basis, he would have. But instead, you made him look like a wuss and go with Belle's best friend. They were in love, and he would have never given up. But I understand that every true love story has its complications. Ok, so you did it, can they be happy now? No!!! Phillip continues to be sick and Belle is not any better.

Hope and Bo ~ Everybody's favorite couple is doing ok for now. Except for the part that Hope is withholding very important information from her son, which she would never do, because she loves her family. The problems that they were having with the death of their son, Patrick, and Chelsea coming in were enough to make somebody die laughing. Hope should have never been with Patrick...Patrick should have never been in the show. She is not a stupid person; she is probably the smartest in the entire show, but yet it was written like she was a horny college student. She is a trained cop, and Patrick should have been in jail long ago. For now, all is well with her and Bo, as it should be. Their relationship should be the mirror for Shawn and Belle, but instead nothing can go the way it is supposed to in reality.

Marlena ~ Is the joke of Salem. She can cure anything from anybody, but when it comes to her family, she is a fool. What self-respecting therapist would decide one morning to kill someone? Does that make sense to you? Because if it does, then maybe I'm wrong. I understand she is grieving, but I also know the kind of woman she has been made into, and we all know she is much stronger than this. When it came to her family, she was always so strong and so wise and never lost her control.

Steve and Kayla ~ Are you kidding me? You have made Kayla into an older version of Jessica Simpson. She is a doctor; she can tell what's wrong with the baby. She didn't need anyone's help, but you make her look so pathetic. She can't control her own child. She has been without a man for many years and yet when he comes back, she acts like a puppy. She has her own two feet to stand on, and I'm pretty sure she didn't forget that. And I would like to add on how much crap Michael Jackson got for calling his son "Blanket," so I would like to point all that at a kid called "Pocket." Who named him and what were they on?

Stephanie ~ What happened to the red-head? She was the sweetest person in the whole city, just like her mother. But again, you change the actor and that means you have to change the character...or so it seems. There was nothing wrong with her before but now, she is evil, and she is a whore.

Nick ~ What are you trying to show teenage, intellectual boys??? You are showing them that if you like a girl, change. He was the perfect guy just as he was. There was no need for a makeover in any way. He was sweet and did so much for anyone, just to please the girl. That, to me, is perfection. There are not many men in this world that care enough to make the female in their lives happy the way Nick did for Chelsea. Yes, it is true that the girl does treat the nerdy guy bad while using him. But he is not dumb, and he is not a yo-yo that she can just throw around. You made him look and act stupid. My granddaughter was very similar to Chelsea, but then she met a guy like Nick used to be and she changed for the better. Why could that not be what happened? Let the good guys win even a little something. As far as the two little boys who couldn't act normal, that is the stupidest story. He didn't want the kids for a month straight, now he can't live without them. What does he care who wants them? Not very long ago, he was willing to dump them on the side of the road. If you intend on keeping them around, can you please get some decent actors and a decent storyline. What happened to Child Protective Services? He is so close to the Brady's, just ask them to find their parents. And stop sending Ali Baba to kidnap them. They took the baby away from Kayla as soon as something went wrong, even though everybody knows her to be a saint, but when it comes to Nick, who clearly isn't related to them, nobody says anything.

Jeremy ~ He is a Horton. That is enough said.

Lucas, Sami, Stefano, Kate, EJ, Tony, André...whoever else ~ Who writes this stuff? First off, it was about time that Sami and Lucas got together, and she was actually behaving herself and was a pleasure to watch. Good things don't last very long, do they? Who is EJ's mother and where is she? Well, in Days, it doesn't seem to matter who the parents are. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that Stefano gave birth to him. When my granddaughter was 5 years old, she thought the way to have twins was to have sex while you are pregnant. I'm glad she's 18 now and knows that it's not true. If this storyline had come out then, there would be no hope in changing her mind. Sami's mother is a doctor and so is her aunt, do you people not know that it is scientifically impossible to give birth to twins with 2 different fathers? Unless, of course the writers on Days are more advanced than today's OB-GYN's at the Women's Birthing Center that talked to my granddaughter.

Salem PD ~ You people make it look like you can get away with murder and you have. My granddaughter says on a daily basis that she will never go to any place called "Salem" because God help her if she has to call the cops. Nothing gets done and the bad walks clean. Not just once or twice, but always. I'm not even going to try and list all the things that Kate, Stefano, André/Tony and EJ have done in just the past month. Who is EJ that he thinks he can stalk the commander's daughter, constantly? How many times has he been put in handcuffs and told to shut up and keeps talking? Does a restraining order exist in Salem? Or is it that you all are trying to portray all the honorable women in Salem as horny college girls? You have made the entire police force into the laughing stock of daytime television. I seriously hope that nobody watches this show and thinks, "If they can do it Salem, why can't I?" On top of it, who is Kate Roberts? Nobody. How many times has Lucas told her to go away? But what connection does she have anymore to get all the information before anybody else? I want to see in any hospital that somebody can either go into a hospital and change DNA results or just plain go and get whatever they please.

This show is ridiculous on so many more levels than I have mentioned.

I would, literally, be sitting here writing for a lifetime if I wanted to say every single thing that is wrong with this show, because recently every episode has a whole new batch of idiocy brewing. I will not allow my family to watch it anymore for any reason at all. The only time I will watch it is if the writers come on and formally apologize for their stupidity. If I were an actor on that show, I would quit, and I am willing to bet that actors that have left and gone to other shows have seen the light and the stupidity. I understand that some have either grown comfortable with the surroundings and may not believe they can make it elsewhere and have bills to pay. I applaud Kirsten Storms, Eric Winters, the girl that plays Mimi and the also the former Stephanie. Their contracts may have expired, but they were smart enough not to renew it. Finally, I would like to thank the actress that plays Chelsea, because I read that she refused to drink alcohol in character, because she didn't know she was over 21. That is the only thing that I can say good job to involving this show.

You have lost at least a dozen viewers today after seeing EJ find out the paternity of Sami's newborn son. I hope that you lose many more than just my family and that a show that once was very respected comes to a very immediate and abrupt halt.

Thank you for your time,
A very disappointed viewer who has no intention of returning

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/26/12

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