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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/22/07 - 10/26/07

It was good to see Bo and Shawn bonding on the wharf.  We donít get to see them do that too much anymore.

Steve said that Claire doesnít have Philipís blood in him, but thatís not true.  She is still related to him even if he isnít her father.  He is Shawnís uncle, which makes him related to Claire.

You would never know that Hope was staying up late at night because of Zack.  We donít see that happening at all.

Why didnít Belle want to stay with Marlena before John died?  Now sheís bugging Marlena to stay with her when she could have stayed with her before.

Why does everyone think that Stefano is dying when his surgery was a success?

It certainly didnít take Belle long to kiss Philip again.

Itís so obvious that the writers are foreshadowing how EJ is the father of at least one of Samiís babies.  Thatís why EJ conveniently mentioned how he would raise Lucasís kids as if they were his own.

It was so funny watching Bo and Abe pick on EJ while he was handcuffed.

Why did Belle go home with Philip when she just kissed him?

Belle is such a tramp.  She couldnít wait to jump into bed with Philip.

Guess the apple doesnít fall far from the tree since Belle cheated on Shawn the same way Marlena cheated on Roman.

Why was Hope defending Belleís actions to Shawn?  When will Shawn ever have someone defend him?

It was great to see Marlena slap the taste out of EJís mouth.  Itís good to know that Lucas isnít the only one who remembers what EJ did to Sami.

We would have loved to have seen the look on Belleís face if Hope and Shawn walked in on her and Philip together.

We werenít surprised that Hope was able to figure out that Belle cheated on Shawn.  Belle looked so guilty.

We loved watching Hope go off on Belle for cheating on Shawn.  Belle really deserved it.

How old is Chelsea?  She mentioned how she and Stephanie are moving in the sorority house in their freshman year.  Chelsea is supposed to be 21 so she shouldnít be a freshman anymore.  Also, she was in college when Abby was still in Salem. Hogan is going to have to check the history of the show.

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Page updated 6/26/12

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