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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/8/07 - 10/12/07

Can you believe that Philip actually had a tank top on under his shirt?  The guys usually donít wear tank tops when they take off their shirts.

If weíre supposed to believe that Sami loves Lucas and not EJ, why was she thinking of EJ?

We donít believe for one second that Sami hates EJ as much as she claims.  She was just too willing to marry EJ.

Since Shawn was burned on his back, why was he on his back in his bed?  He was laying on his side before.

Was anyone else surprised that Belle actually admitted that she was wrong for treating Shawn the way she did?  We didnít think she would ever do that.  Naturally she waited until he was hurt to admit it.

The last thing Kayla needed was for Pocket to get sick again.  That will make it really easy for Philip to get custody of him.

Does anyone else think that the DiMeras may have something to do with whatís happening to Pocket?  He keeps getting sick out of the blue.

On Monday, Sami was suspicious about whether EJ was responsible for the end of the vendetta, but she quickly changed her mind when Lucas was suspicious of him.

It didnít take long for Kayla to turn on Steve once she thought she lost Pocket.

It was good to see Philip in scenes with Steve and Kayla.

We really couldnít care less about the auction that Stephanie and Chelsea had at Adrienneís bar.  Those were a waste of scenes.

What right did Stephanie have to be jealous of Max talking to Morgan when she wanted to stay with Jeremy?

Why are John and Marlena only being used because Lucas wanted to talk about Sami?

Did you notice how Grandpa Shawn tried to name drop to get in to Andreís room?

How many times does Samiís family have to tell her that she doesnít have to marry EJ before she listens?

The vendetta story would have been so much better if we didnít have to endure the Colleen/Santo flashbacks.  Stefano told the story without having to see the flashbacks and that was better. 

How did EJ know where to find Belle?  She could have been anywhere in Salem.

When did Shawn get released from the hospital?  Itís the same day and he was in the hospital so why was Belle telling him about getting Claire?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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