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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

9/10/07 - 9/14/07

Since the DiMeras probably have police officers on their payroll, isnít it possible that one of them tipped Andre off about Boís plan?

If Max had listened to Bo in the first place, he wouldnít have been in trouble on the plane.Is Hope still on the force or what?  One minute sheís still on the force and the next she isnít a cop anymore.

Wasnít that convenient how Max and Stephanie ended up together after they jumped off the plane?

Why didnít anyone tell Abe about what happened to Jett?  Heís Abeís nephew so he should have been called first.

Why would Belle go to so much trouble to find Tyler when she should have been home with Claire?

Why would Jeremy expect Steven to help him after he left Stephanie is Vegas?

Wasnít it convenient how max had to take his shirt off to wrap Stephanieís ankle.

Why would Stephanie want to defend Jeremy after everything heís done to her?

Why didnít Sami recognize Andre when he showed up in her room dressed as a clown?

Why wasnít a guard standing outside of Samiís room sooner since Andre was on the loose?

Why wasnít Kayla upset about max making out with Stephanie?

Why was Sami still in the hospital, but EJ was out already?

It didnít take much for Sami to let it slip that Stefano is alive.  Roman shouldnít have said anything to her.

Why did Belle blame Shawn for whatís happened to her life when Philip is the reason why it happened?

Why didnít Kate leave the room before Andre broke into the pub?  She had plenty of time to run.

Why were Sami and EJ acting as if they were watching Colleen and Santo instead of reading about them?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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