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The Days of Our Lives Advice Page

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Ask Marlena for advice

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We apologize that this page has not been updated, but no one has sent in any questions lately!

Advice from Dr. Marlena!  Send in your questions now!

photo of Dr. Marlena Evans

Need advice? Help with your love life? Ask Dr. Marlena!  She has seen it all and will help you! 
Read here every week for an answer to your questions!

Question from Stacey:

Hi Marlena!  9/5/07

I would like to know your opinion about Adam and Eve. Why is it we have so many different believes/faiths and many races when 'supposedly' we all come from the same father and mother? Today if white folks have babies, we are given white babies and this goes for all races... and each race has a different God? Someone gave me an answer once before. They told me that's because the rest are lost and need to find their way home and that we need to help them find that way. I didn't like this answer because it was going against who I am. You can believe in anything you want to believe in, as long as you're not hurting others or yourself. I won't try to convince you other ways by assuming you're a lost lamb and need to find your way (Our Way - One way).

This would be a great story line between Tony, Stefano and the Bradys. Something happens more darker then meets the eye and dedicated watchers will catch the meaning that we are really the same. All race is one... the human race, and if we understood that there's really nothing after we die, would we start care about the time we spend living.  It's just that if we believe in heavens and life continues, it makes it to easy to harm oneself or others. The excuse is, "Oh, they will go to heaven - it doesn't matter when life on earth ends, life never ends". Many people need to believe life goes on for their own personal reasons and beliefs, but if we kept that personal and acted with the notion of what if, like just "what if there was no after life". That means my life now in the present is all I have. Where am I today, what can I do to better this place we call a planet for my children's children. It's okay if you don't publish this on the webpage, though I really would like to know your thoughts on this.
One Confused person

Marlena says:

I like your idea that you should live your life for the better right now and to help other people and the planet.  Regardless of what any of us believe about the afterlife, the fact is that we have a short time here on earth and should do the best we can while we have the time, to help others and to prepare the world for the future children.

As far as what you should believe about various races and religions, I'm afraid that is one answer that you have to find within yourself. Go with your own instincts and what you believe yourself.  I think that's what most people do anyway. Even people who are very religious seem to take what they need and want from their religion's tenets and use that in their lives. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

I don't think black and white people have different religions, but they may just have different ways of worshipping in their own churches (for those that are somewhat segregated still).  Each church has their own different way of doing things, to a certain extent, even if they have the same beliefs.  You mentioned placing babies in homes of the same race - that has nothing to do with religion.  Social service agencies believe that babies of different races should be placed in foster homes of parents of the same races, so that they can learn about their cultures.  They do that when they can, but it is not always possible because it depends on the availability of foster homes.  So they try to place African American babies with African American parents, when it's possible. This may vary by state or county, though.

I agree that would be a very good storyline for the Bradys and DiMeras!  Soap operas don't have much religion, probably because they are afraid of offending viewers on that controversial topic.  You'll notice that the only time they show characters in church is when they are begging God to let someone in the hospital live, or when they are having a wedding, funeral, or baptism.  But I completely agree that it would be awesome if both the DiMeras and Bradys had a common enemy to fight that would unite them, even if only temporarily. Thanks for writing!!

Please note: this is an opinion column. Our Dr. Marlena is not a real doctor, so she does not know medicine, law, etc.

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