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2007 Our Opinion!

Advice from Dr. Marlena! 

photo of Dr. Marlena EvansNeed advice? Help with your love life? Ask Dr. Marlena!  She has seen it all and will help you! 

Read here every week for an answer to your questions!

Question from Kelly  8/1/07

Dr. Evans,

I am in a wheelchair and in my third year of college. I have never had a boyfriend and very few friends. It is Monday, and the last time I went out is Thursday. Now, I had my three friends that I hang out with over for New Years Eve. It was fun, but I also invited two other girls from my college. They did not come. One text-messaged me on my cell phone and told me that she was getting out of work, not really doing anything that night, and had to work the next morning at 7am. This was fine, but the other girl I invited did not contact me. I thought she was sick, but then I went on her MySpace and saw some new pictures she had posted, and then a quiz as well that said that the last party she went to had been on New Year's. As you can imagine, I was very upset by this. My problem is that I have never had a boyfriend, and my life is very empty with very few friends, especially since the one friend I hung out with just went back to college. All I do on school breaks is sit in my room and watch television. I would love to go out more but don't know what to do. I would think that if people wanted to hang out, they would contact me. I have tried to ask a few people and it never pans out. Please Help!


Dear Kelly,
You seem like a very bright girl, and I can't imagine why you have never had a boyfriend. Could it be that you are shy? I suggest that you take some initiative to get your self out there. Go to a church and meet people! Or if religion isn't your thing, join clubs in college. Make an effort to say, "Hi!" This one particular girl doesn't seem like she is being much of a friend to you, and if she is just going to bring you down, then you are going to be better off without her. Say "Hi" to new people in your classes, find people that you have things in common with, and make yourself appear approachable. Boys are not everything - trust me, dear - and in time the right man will come into your life. If you take my advice, you should be able to find life-long friends, and eventually, a wonderful man who will love you for you!

Please note: this is an opinion column. Our Dr. Marlena is not a real doctor, so she does not know medicine, law, etc.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/4/12

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