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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

7/2/07 – 7/6/07

Why did Belle think she was too good to move in with Bo and Hope?  She would be better off at Bo and Hope’s house since Philip wouldn’t have been around Claire that much.

We are not buying that EJ really wants to end the feud between the Bradys and DiMeras.  He only wants to prove that he is a good guy in Sami’s eyes.

What happened to all of the money that Shawn gave Belle when he worked for EJ?  She couldn’t have gone through the money that fast so she should have some of it left.  It wouldn’t have been enough to survive, but it might have gotten them by for a couple of months.

It was so cute watching Bo and Hope give Roman the business about his feelings for Anna.  Those scenes were so funny.

Isn’t it convenient how Stefano always gets sick when EJ fights him about the feud?  Any other time he acts as if he’s healthy as a horse.

Why can’t Stefano get his stem cells from EJ and/or Tony?  They are DiMera so they should be a match for him just as much as Sami’s babies.

When did Adrienne buy a club?  How long did she plan on staying in Salem if she bought a club?

Why did Chelsea expect Nick to care about meeting Jett’s fiancée?  She knows Nick doesn’t like Jett so why would he care to meet Danielle?

Why does Chelsea act like she likes Nick when she’s with him, but she acts like she hates him when she’s with Stephanie?

Why would Adrienne give Stephanie a drink when she’s not 21?  Also, why would she allow her to get drunk?

How convenient was it that Danielle is having an affair?  That just made it easier for Chelsea to be with him.

When did Jett get suspicious of Danielle cheating on him?  He didn’t say one word about her cheating on him before, but not all of a sudden he’s suspicious of her.

When did Kayla get back from her conference?  On Tuesday, Steve said that she was still at the conference.  If she was on her way home, why wouldn’t she tell him that the conference was over?

Wasn’t it a surprise to know that Adrienne still remembered Justin?  Since she’s been in Salem, she hasn’t said two words about him.

If Hope doesn’t trust Jeremy, why did she let him stay in the house?  She should have made him stay with someone else.

Was Marlena really in a position to judge Belle for being cozy with Philip when she cheated on John for her ex-husband?

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Page updated 9/4/12

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