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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

6/18/07 Ė 6/22/07

Why does Sami get the smallest guards to watch her?  EJ wouldnít have had a problem getting past him.

Why was John willing to risk his life to save Bo and Hope, but he didnít lift a finger to help Claire?  Claire is supposed to be his grandchild so why isnít he willing to fight to save her?

Why are the writers showing recent flashbacks again?  We remember reading that the writers didnít want to show flashbacks that just happened.  They only wanted to use old flashbacks.

Why would Claire suddenly run to Philip?  She was with Shawn long enough to know him as her father, yet she ran to Philip instead of Shawn.

Who did Shawn think he was practically telling Philip to go home once Claire was with him?  If it werenít for Philip, they would have never found Claire.  Shawn could have shown a little gratitude.

Does anyone else have a feeling that Jettís fiancťe doesnít exist?  He probably made her up.

If Jettís having family problems, when is he going to talk to Abe about it?  He might have wanted to know whatís going on with his family.

Why are the writers considering Colleen Samiís twin?  Shouldnít Colleen be Samiís triplet?  Did they forget that Sami has a twin?

Why did Hope think Bo would want her to go to the DiMerasís mansion by herself?  He is too stubborn to let her go off by herself.

Why kind of sucker is Max?  Itís so obvious that deal with Jeremy and Jett is a hoax, but he keeps giving in to what Jeremy wants.  Before he knows it, he will be out of his money and heíll be wondering why.

Why was Anna mentioned out of the blue?  We know that sheís back on the show, but it was strange that Tony suddenly brought up how Anna left Roman for him.

When will the writers decide whether or not to put Nick and Chelsea together?  We could care less one way or the other, but weíre sick of their on again off again relationship.

How is Colleen EJís great aunt?  We thought she was Stefanoís fatherís lover.

Didnít it lose something to see Anna and Roman together since Wayne isnít playing Roman?  We werenít watching it when Roman and Anna were together, but we did hear about it and we saw pictures of them together.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering Renee.  She used to be involved with Tony years ago.

Did you all notice how cozy Roman and Anna were at the pub?  Maybe they will get back together if the writers decide to keep her on the show.

How are we supposed to know what happened to Colleen if Stefano and Shawn are telling different stories?

Why did Lexie feel that she aged years since sheís been gone?  She hasnít been gone long enough to age years.

Why does Sami have to involve herself in the DiMera feud again?  She needs to sit back and let the others handle the DiMeras.  She doesnít need to be in every story.

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Page updated 9/4/12

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