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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

6/11/07 – 6/15/07

Wasn’t it convenient that Shawn had to find out about Willow’s baby just when Philip and Belle got a lead on Claire?  It was just a way to have Philip and Belle alone.  Bo could have told Shawn about Willow’s baby so he didn’t have to stay in Salem.

Why was Stefano so healthy looking when he was knocking on death’s door last week?

Why did Shawn suddenly care about Willow’s baby?  He didn’t care about it before, but once it was time to go to Chicago, he cared about the baby.

If Sami wanted Stefano to end the feud between the DiMeras and the Bradys, why was she getting smart with him?  That wasn’t going to get Stefano to ease up on the Bradys.

What are the odds that Willow would have left a letter confessing to setting the fire to Bo and Hope’s house?  That was such a cop out.  It would have been better if she confessed while she was alive.  Then we could have seen her punished before she left.

Why would Jeremy kiss Chelsea if he’s dating Stephanie?  That didn’t make any sense.

Why would Jeremy refer to Nick as that “lab guy” as if he’s not related to him?  He called him that like he didn’t know him.

Why was Nick blaming himself for Willow’s death once he got drunk?  When he was sober, he was relieved that he was free.  Roman told him that Willow’s death was declared an accident so why was he blaming himself?

Why didn’t Jeremy know who Steve was?  He was alive when Steve was in Salem.  Also, Stephanie probably told him that her father wears a patch.

Didn’t Doug’s Place look something like Bo and Hope’s living room?

How would the lady at the beauty pageant know who Claire was if she saw a lot of babies?  Also, you couldn’t really see Claire in the picture so how could she tell if she remembered Claire or not?

How in the world did Steve have enough self-control not to knock Stephanie out when she kept mouthing off at him?  We would have knocked the girl out.

How long is Adrienne going to stay in Salem?  Did she leave Justin and the kids?  Are they going to move to Salem?

How long was Lexie gone that she didn’t know who Hope was?  The DiMeras must have turned her crazy or something.

How was Hope able to go down the hole without Doug and Julie’s help?  Bo needed all of them to help him get down, but Hope was able to go by herself.

How slowly was time going by if Lexie has been gone for only a month?  We thought that she was gone longer than a month.

Why didn’t Hope talk Bo into seeing a doctor?  His head was bleeding so he should have seen a doctor.  He could have anything wrong with him.

Why did Shawn have to stay behind and watch Claire’s kidnapper?  Why couldn’t he go with Belle to look for Claire?  Philip isn’t Claire’s father so he didn’t have to be the one to look for Claire.

Why does Belle keep saying that she wants Claire to be with her?  She acts as if she’s the only one who wants her back.  Shawn and Philip want her back just as much as she does so she could say that she wants Claire back with them.

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Page updated 9/4/12

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