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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

6/4/07 – 6/8/07

Sami must have great insurance since she keeps ending up in the hospital.  She doesn’t have a job so how can she afford to go to the hospital?

When is Jett going to visit Abe?  He was in Salem, yet he didn’t visit him.

Why was Chelsea playing games with Jett?  If she’s not interested in him, she needs to stop using him.  This will be one more thing that blows up in her face.

Was it really that much of a shock that Willow maxed out Nick’s credit card?  He shouldn’t have kept helping her and she wouldn’t have been able to max out his card.

If Rolf is alive, who was the guy Rex killed?  We could have sworn that Rex killed him and buried him.  He’s not a phoenix like Stefano so how did he come back to life?

What happened to Chelsea’s job at the hospital?  Why was she available to work for Jett and Jeremy?  Also before agreeing to take the job, she said she was making nothing.

Does anyone else love the idea of Bo and Hope working together to bring down the DiMeras?  It could be a good Nick and Nora Charles story for them.

Wasn’t it nice to see Doug/Julie and Bo/Hope gushing over Ciara?  It’s a shame that it too so long for Doug and Julie to come back to Salem to see her.

Why did Nick move Willow’s body after she was knocked out?  He works at a hospital so he should have known better than to move her body.

Was anyone else disgusted by the way the writers got rid of Willow?  We’re glad that she’s gone, but they could have had her get busted for what she did instead of getting away with it.

Why does Sami keep endangering her life by working with EJ? The only thing she’s going to do is get hurt.  If she doesn’t get hurt, she may end up losing Lucas.

Why wouldn’t Roman be involved in taking down the DiMeras?  His life was affected by the DiMeras so he should want to take him down too.

Why is Belle still in the hospital?  John is up and about, yet she’s still there.  Sami was able to leave too, but Belle has to stay.  Nothing even happened to Belle so why was she admitted in the first place?

Why was Bo downing Nick all of a sudden?  He is Hope’s cousin, but he was talking about him as if he barely knows him.

Was anyone else surprised that Chelsea told Bo the truth about the brush?  We figured she would have lied to him about it.

Are we supposed to forget that Belle was never in love with Philip?  Even when she was married to Philip, she still wanted Shawn.  Now that Marlena had this epiphany that Belle has feelings for Philip, we’re supposed to forget that she tried to ruin Shawn and Mimi’s marriage.

Wouldn’t it be a wonder if Belle didn’t always have to make everything about her?  She even had to make Claire’s disappearance her moment.

The people at the hospital must really love Marlena since she still has a job there.  As much as she’s away from the hospital, she should be fired by now.

Why was Belle okay with Philip telling the guy who saw Claire that Claire was theirs?  That may have been proof that Philip isn’t over the feud as he says he is.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/4/12

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