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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/28/07 – 6/1/07

Why wasn’t Shawn surprised to hear that Willow burned down Bo and Hope’s house?  He was gone when Willow burned the house so he shouldn’t have known what Willow did.

Wasn’t it great to see Hope slap Willow?  Willow shouldn’t have said those things about Zack and Claire.  She must have forgotten all the things Hope was willing to do for her and her baby.

Why was Sami still getting short with EJ after he saved her?  He could have let her stay with Tony, yet she was still getting smart with him.

If all it took was for Belle to see John in order for him to get out of the coma, isn’t it a shame that she didn’t come home sooner?  He might not have been in the coma for as long as he was.

What right does Shawn have to take Willow’s baby?  She would deserve it if he did, but he had nerve.  He didn’t care about the baby before, but now that Claire is gone, he thinks he can take Willow’s baby.

Wasn’t it about time Nick stood up to Willow?  It shouldn’t have taken Chelsea’s ultimatum to get him to stand up to her.

What happened to Stephanie’s job in Ohio?  She doesn’t even mention racing cars anymore.  How long does she plan on staying in Salem?

Shelle shouldn’t have been harping on Bo when he was concerned about Philip knowing about Claire.  They were suspicious of him once upon a time too.

It certainly didn’t take much for Nick to lose his spine.  No sooner did we compliment Nick for standing up to Willow did he give in to her again.

Why did the writers change the way Stephanie acts?  She is so immature.  We didn’t like the last actress who played Stephanie, but she was more bearable than this one.

Why was John released from the hospital the day he got out of the coma?  You would think that he would have stayed in the hospital longer than he was.

Was anyone else shocked that Sami told Lucas about what happened at the warehouse?  We thought she would have kept it from him.

Wasn’t John’s reaction to Sami hugging him and telling him how much she missed him hilarious?  He looked like he’d seen a ghost.

How did Philip know where to find Willow?  It’s not likely that she gave him her address so how did he find her apartment.

Leave it to Belle to make it about herself when Shawn told her about his baby with Willow.  She acted as if Claire was more important than his baby with Willow.  No wonder he was afraid to tell her about the baby.

If Sami didn’t want EJ to think that she set him up to get arrested, why did she look so guilty when he showed up at the pub?  She should have acted as if she didn’t know what Bo was up to when he questioned EJ?

Why was Shawn skeptical of staying at the mansion with Philip once Willow warned him about Philip?  He didn’t want to hear it when Bo tried to warn him about Philip.

Why couldn’t Shawn and Belle stay with Shawn’s other relatives?  Alice should have enough room for them so they could have stayed with her.

When did Victor go on a business trip?  He was just at the pub the same day Philip told Shelle that he was on a business trip.

Which side of the fence is Belle on?  Before she and Philip called a truce, she blamed him for walking out on Claire.  Now that they all called a truce, she doesn’t think he was wrong for leaving.

Why didn’t Marlena and/or Hope go with Sami when she was taking Stefano’s letter to the hospital?  With the way her luck is, they should have went with her.  Bart might not have been able to take her pocketbook and the letter.

Why was Lucas surprised that EJ managed to get away from the police?  EJ is smarter than the police so it shouldn’t have surprised him.

When did Abe suddenly get a nephew?  Abe has never mentioned having a nephew before.

If Tony wants Sami’s baby, why would they risk Sami inhaling fumes and harming the baby?  Also the drug that Bart gave her might have affected the baby too.

Why didn’t Max know who Jet was?  Also, why didn’t Jett know who Bo and Roman were?  Most likely Abe told him about Bo and Roman so he should know them as more than Salem’s top cops.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/4/12

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