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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/21/07 Ė 5/25/07

Why was Sami so against getting the amnio?  It would be better to know already if EJ is the father of her baby.  Besides, Lucas already knows that EJ could be the father so she doesnít have to worry about him finding out that heís not the father.

Why was Celeste surprised that EJ didnít keep his word to tell her about Lexie?  As we pointed out before, she knows the DiMeras so she should know better than to trust EJ.

What good did Shawn think he would be to Belle and Claire when he was hurt?  How was he supposed to get them back home when his arm was hurt?

Philip canít be that bad of a guy since he was willing to help Shawn while he was hurt.  He had the chance to knock him off the boat, but he didnít.

Did anyone else enjoy the flashbacks of Bo and Steve?  We didnít get the chance to see them when they originally aired so it was a nice surprise.

Why did Lucas and Sami go to New Orleans if they werenít going to stay long?  They barely did anything while they were there so they never had to leave.

Did you all notice how Sami was suddenly showing when she and Lucas came back from their honeymoon?  She wasnít showing when they were just in New Orleans, but she was showing out of the blue when they got home.

If the spirits are so powerful, why doesnít Celeste use the spirits to tell her where Lexie is?  If the spirits could tell EJ if heís the father of Samiís baby, they should be able to tell her where Lexie is.

Leave it to Kate to think that Sami was the reason why Lucas turned EJ in.  He told her once before that he was going to turn EJ in so she should have known that he did it and not Sami.

What took Kayla so long to get to the island?  Steve and Bo got there fast.  Lucas and Sami managed to get to and from New Orleans before Kayla got to the island.

Was anyone really surprised that EJ turned out to be the father of Samiís baby?  With any luck, Celeste pulled a fast one on EJ and Lucas will turn out to be the father.

Why does Nick keep helping Willow? He doesnít owe her anything so he needs to leave her alone.  The only thing heís doing is ruining his relationship with Chelsea.  If that relationship is supposed to be a good thing, heís blowing it.

What qualifies Kayla to be able to get inside Steveís head?  Is she the Jackie of all trades like Marlena?

Wasnít it weird to see Victor back on the show?  Itís been so long since heís been on the show.

It was great to actually see Bo and Hope in scenes together.  Recently, theyíve only spoken on the phone to each other.  That was the closest we got to see them together.

It was good to see Tony back.  We may not have cared for his character that much, but if we want to see the DiMeras, we would rather see what Tony and Stefano will do to the Bradys.  EJ is too soft on people and thatís why people can get the better of him.

If Chelsea is Miss Moneybags, why doesnít she offer to help Bo and Hope pay some bills?

If Chelsea wants privacy with Nick, why canít she move into her own place?  They can have all the privacy she wants. Itís really easy for her to expect Nick to do everything in order for them to be able to be together.

Why does Nick expect Chelsea to believe anything he says when he keeps lying to her?  He knows how mad she gets when sheís lied to so he shouldnít have taken the risk of lying about Willow.  Obviously Willow is not going to hesitate to make him look bad in Chelseaís eyes so he should have told her the truth in the first place.

Why nerve did Sami have expecting EJ to save her from Tony?  When he tried to make up with her in New Orleans, she laughed at him and refused to forgive him.  Now that she wants his help, he was supposed to do it.  If we were EJ, we wouldnít help her.

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Page updated 9/1/12

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