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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

5/7/07 – 5/11/07

Wasn’t it nice of the writers to have Peter Reckell shown on Days on his birthday (May 7th)?  It was a great present for Bo fans.

What are the odds that Adrienne will be able to pull off pretending to be a nun?  The orderly is going to catch on to her plan eventually.

Did anyone really believe that Philip was sorry about Shawn getting shot?  We find it hard to believe that he would care that he was shot.

Why did Belle expect Philip to give Claire back to her?  When he wanted to compromise, she and Shawn didn’t want to do it.  Now that he has Claire, he’s expected to give her back to them.  There’s no way they would have given Claire to him if he wanted her.

Why did Lucas stop Sami from telling him the truth?  He knows that she’s keeping something from him so we were shocked that he wanted to stay in the dark about her secret.

Why wasn’t Marlena helping Sami get ready for the wedding?  She shouldn’t have been more concerned with Steve than being there for Sami.

When did Abby go to London?  The last time she was shown, she was hanging out with Chelsea and Stephanie.  She didn’t say anything about leaving town to go to London.

Why was Marlena willing to miss Sami’s wedding in order to be there for Steve?  We bet she wouldn’t have done that to Belle.  There’s no way she would have missed it if she could help it.  Kayla shouldn’t have had to talk her into going to the wedding.

When are Steve and Kayla going to get a normal story?  This one they have now is really crazy.  They deserve a better story than this.

Why did the writers have to ruin Lucas and Sami’s wedding by showing Steve and Kayla’s story?  That story could have been given a break so we could see more of the wedding.  Even Shawn and Belle got a break.  That was unfair to Lumi fans.

Did anyone else enjoy the flashbacks of Lucas and Sami?  They brought back some good memories.

When did Chelsea get her license back?  After what she did to Zack, she should never be allowed to drive again.

What in the world has gotten into Stephanie?  She is really acting like a crazy person.  She could have stayed gone if she was going to be a wild child.

Wasn’t it random to see Will and Kayla together?  They rarely work together so it was weird seeing them together.

Since Chelsea was in another accident, she needs to have her license take away from her for good.  She is a menace on the road and she never needs to drive.

Chelsea didn’t have a right to be upset with Stephanie over the accident.  She went along with it so it was just as much her fault as it was Stephanie’s.

Was anyone else happy that Lucas wasn’t upset with Sami after what Kate did?  We figured he was going to be upset with Sami.  The topper was seeing him shove the cake in Kate’s face.

Why would Lucas let Sami think that he didn’t know about her working with EJ?  He could have said something a long time ago.

Was anyone else surprised that Sami actually told Lucas the whole truth about the baby?  We’re glad that she didn’t allow Kate to tell him herself.  She would have made things worse.

It was great that Bo made it to the island.  He helped make the story worth watching.  It helps how he was our eye candy so that made the story bearable too. LOL!

Did Belle really think that Philip would want to take Shawn home with them?  If the shoe were on the other foot, Shawn wouldn’t have taken Philip home either.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/1/12

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