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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

4/30/07 Ė 5/4/07

When did Belle and Philip get a divorce?  Neither one of them said anything about getting a divorce.

How was Philip able to get on the island without Shawn seeing him?  Thereís no way Shawn wouldnít have seen him since he was outside with Duck.

Maybe it was just us but werenít Shawn and Belleís scenes better when Philip got to the island?  Their scenes were boring before he got there.  He added some excitement that the scenes didnít have before.

Was anyone really surprised that EJ and Celeste were working together to get Sami?  Celeste was trying too hard to get her to kill EJ so we figured she was up to something.

Shouldnít Willow be glad that Hope offered to take care of her baby?  Who knows where her baby would wind up if they donít take care of her.  Would she rather have strangers raise her baby?  Also, her baby would be with his/her family.

How convenient was it that Philipís court order didnít mean anything on the island?  Everything just keeps working out for Shawn and Belle, doesnít it?

When is someone going to bring Kate down?  She always has the upper hand and we are sick of it.  Itís too bad the writers wonít bring Vivian back so she can get her.

Why would Celeste work with EJ?  He is a DiMera so she should know that he wasnít going to honor what he said. Thatís surprising that Stefanoís former mistress wouldnít know better than to trust EJ.

When EJ saw Sami at the hospital, she sure didnít waste any time blaming Celeste for what she did to him, didnít she?  She couldnít wait to put it all on her.  She forgot to tell him how Celeste didnít have to twist her arm.

Why were Kayla, Stephanie, and Roman in Bo and Hopeís house when they werenít there?  You would only see something like that on television.

What does it say for Sami that EJ called her out for selling Celeste out the way she did?  She just loves blaming everyone else for her mess.  What did she think blaming Celeste would do?  EJ wasnít going to go easy on her just because she blamed Celeste for why she tried to kill her.

Why isnít Kayla telling Jo about Steve?  She has a right to know whatís going on with her son.  If Kayla could call Adrienne, she could call Jo.

When is Nick going to get a backbone?  He allowed Willow to guilt him into bailing her out of jail.  He couldnít do it, but he let her convince him to change his mind.  He did the same thing with Chelsea and heís doing it again.  Whatís going to keep Willow from treating him the way Chelsea did?

Wasnít it good to see Abe playing with Theo?  We donít get to see that often.

Did you notice how the sound changed during Lucas, Sami, and EJís scenes at the hospital?  It was as if they were talking into a microphone.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Chelsea because she thinks Nick things sheís guilty?  After the way she acted towards him, she deserved for him to think she was guilty. 

What in the world is it going to take for Abby to stop talking to Chelsea?  She should know that sheís never going to get through to her about Nick or telling the truth about the brush.

How many times does Lucas have to tell Sami to tell him the truth about EJ?  She has the perfect chance to tell him the truth, but she continues to lie to him.

Doesnít Belle have a lot of nerve expecting Gabby to keep helping her?  Belle doesnít trust Gabby and she always yells at her, but she always asks for favors.

Why did EJ have to tell Kate that sheís putting Lucas in a bad position by exposing Sami?  Heís an alleged evil man and he thinks she should leave Sami alone.  That doesnít say much for her that he thinks she should mind her own business.

Why did Belle give Philip such a hard time when he wanted to kiss Claire goodnight?  If the shoe were on the other foot and he had Claire, she would expect him to let her be around Claire.

What bare essentials could Belle have packed when she and Shawn were leaving the island?  They didnít have much when they got there so they shouldnít have had much to take.

Would Billie be willing to write EJ off if Bo didnít yell at her for her security system?  We donít think she would be upset with EJ if Bo didnít blame her if something happened to Shawn.

Did the writers forget that Shawn and Philip are related?  Shawn said that there isnít a drop of Philipís blood in Claire.  Since Philip is Shawnís uncle, his blood is in her. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 9/1/12

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